lex talionis

Lex Talionis (album)

Lex Talionis is the name of the third album by the English pagan folk/neoclassical group Sol Invictus. The LP was originally released in 1989 in a box set with albums by Current 93 and Nurse with Wound. It was remixed and released on CD the following year on Wakeford's Tursa imprint.

The song "Kneel To The Cross" was covered by American Dark/Folk Metal band Agalloch on the Of Stone, Wind and Pillor EP.

Track listing

  1. "Blood and Wine"
  2. Lex Talionis"
  3. "Black Easter"
  4. "Kneel to the Cross"
  5. "The Ruins"
  6. "Tooth and Claw"
  7. "Blood Against Gold"
  8. "Fields"
  9. "Abattoirs of Love"
  10. "Heroes Day"
  11. "Rex Talionis"
  12. "Wine and Blood"


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