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Level Playing Field Institute

The Level Playing Field Institute, also known as LPFI, is a non-profit organization which promotes innovative approaches to fairness in higher education and workplaces. The work of the institute is divided into five key areas: Higher education programs, workplace programs, practical research, awareness campaigns, and strategic funding.

The organization was founded in 2001 by Freada Kapor Klein, Mitchell Kapor, and Christina Feeny, and was initially known as the Institute for Inclusive Work Environments. The focus area of the institute was expanded to incorporate higher education in 2002.

Level Playing Field Institute has several education programs associated with the University of California at Berkeley. Freada Klein was one of several UC Berkeley alumni that founded the IDEAL, Initiative for Diversity in Education and Leadership, Scholars Fund for exceptional students of color, now a Level Playing Field Institute program.

The other educational programs from LPFI include:

  • Summer Math and Science Honors Academy or SMASH for High School Students
  • Corporate Levelers for Work-level Employees
  • Infusion for Graduate School Students

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  • http://lpfi.org/aboutus/vision.shtml

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