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In for the Kill (Budgie album)

In for the Kill! is Budgie's fourth album. It was released in 1974. It includes a re-recording of the song "Crash Course in Brain Surgery", originally released in 1971 as a single. (The song was covered by Metallica for their 1987 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited.) The album's title track was covered by Van Halen during the group's club days.

Track listing

  1. "In for the Kill" (6:32)
  2. "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" (2:39)
  3. "Wondering What Everyone Knows" (2:56)
  4. "Zoom Club" (9:56)
  5. "Hammer and Tongs" (6:58)
  6. "Running from My Soul" (3:39)
  7. "Living on Your Own" (8:54)

Remastered version

The remastered version of In for the Kill contains these extra tracks:

  1. "Zoom Club (Single Edit)"
  2. "In for the Kill (2003 Version)"
  3. "Crash Course in Brain Surgery (2003 Version)"
  4. "Zoom Club (2003 Version)"


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