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Let It Go (The Clarks album)

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Let It Go is the 2000 long-awaited fifth album by Pittsburgh band The Clarks, released on June 20, 2000. The album outsold many major national releases in the Pittsburgh area and generated huge local radio hits. The release was the band's first on Razor & Tie, the New York-based minor rock label. Let It Go has been critically acclaimed, despite being unknown to rock fans in most parts of the country. However, the success of the album's singles in the Pittsburgh market led to their spread to audiences in nearby Cleveland and Central Pennsylvania. "Better Off Without You," with its irresistible vocals was one of the region's biggest hits in 2000. Falling not far behind in terms of popularity was "Born Too Late," a powerful retrospective song. Most fans and critics believe that either of these songs could have been international hits if they were released by a major record company. "Snowman," with its purposely vague lyrics and solid hook, and the title track "Let It Go," which resembles a fast-paced 1960s rock song, were the other two singles. "Chasin' Girls" also saw some significant radio airplay.

"Let It Go" actually made several national appearances, although it did not bolster the song's national popularity. It appeared in the 2001 Warner Bros. film Summer Catch. It was also played during the closing credits of each episode of the The Anna Nicole Show on the E! Network.

The track "Born Too Late" originally appeared on frontman Scott Blasey's 1999 solo album, Shine, but was then reworked by the band for its appearance on this album.

Track listing

  1. "Snowman" – 4:18
  2. "I'm a Fool" – 3:52
  3. "Better Off Without You" – 4:36
  4. "Born Too Late" – 3:17
  5. "Let It Go" – 3:24
  6. "Chasin' Girls" – 3:50
  7. "Flame" – 4:46
  8. "Butterflies and Airplanes" – 3:47
  9. "Think of England" – 3:42
  10. "Highwire" – 3:04
  11. "The Letter" – 4:36
  12. "If Memory Serves" – 4:06
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