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2000 New York Underground Film Festival

These are the films shown at the 7th New York Underground Film Festival, held from March 8 - 14, 2000.

Film Name Director Type Length Notes
- - - - Theo Angell Experimental Video 6:41
4 Ways he tried to tell you Jennet Thomas Experimental Video 6:00
A Primer for Dental Extraction Carl Wiedemann Experimental 16mm on video 4:30
A Sudden Loss of Gravity Todd Verow Feature Video 85:00 US Premiere
Aerobicide Kathleen Hanna & Sadie Benning Experimental Video 4:00
American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land Jasmine Dellal Documentary Video 79:00
Amerikan Passport Reed Paget Documentary 16mm 83:00 New York Premiere
An Accident in Paradise Micha Klein 9:00
Atari Teenage Riot Philipp Virus
Attack Philipp Virus
Bathing the Baby Semefo Experimental Video 10:00
Beat Time Joost Rekveld 9:00
Black & Gold: The Latin King and Queen Nation Richard Rowley & Jacqui Soohen Documentary Video 76:00 New York Premiere
Blow Me Marcel DeJure Short 16mm 10:00
BookWars Jason Rosette Documentary Video 79:00 World Premiere
Bored to Pieces Jamie Ruddy Short 16mm 5:30
Born to Lose (The Last Rock and Roll Movie) Lech Kowalski Documentary Video 90:00 International Premiere
Chromasonic Frank Scheffer 13:00
Chuck Alex Turner Short 16mm 16:23
Civilisation Virus Philipp Virus
Cocaine Ducks Philipp Virus
Coleslaw Wrestling Hayley Downs Documentary Video 3:00
Comm Raid on the Potemkin Enda Hughes Short 35mm 3:00
Cook Philipp Virus
Dance Habibi Dance Usama Alshaibi Experimental 16mm on video 4:00
Deep Africa Steve Hall & Cathee Wilkins Animation Video 30:00
Deep Creep Kate Haug Experimental 16mm 7:14
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture Philipp Virus
Dickhead Brian Tane Experimental Video 3:00
Do Not Ruin Your Credit Paul Kell & Faisal Lutchmedial Experimental Video 6:30
Dreams of a Dead Poet (the remix) Rob Schroder 9:00
Duty Nickels Richard Morbid Short 16mm 10:00
Ecstasy in Entropy Nick Zedd Experimental 16mm 15:00
Embryonic Robert Banks, Jr. Experimental 35mm 5:00
Eyes to Heaven Shane Hawks Feature 16mm on video 88:00 World Premiere
Femminist Fatales Gritt Uldall-Jessen Experimental Video 3:30
FILM(knout) Deco Dawson Experimental 16mm 9:43
Fissures Louise Bourque Experimental 16mm 2:30
Fluff William E. Jones Experimental Video 3:00
Frozen Hot Charles Brousseau/Fisher Feature 35mm on video 90:00 New York Premiere
Fruit of the Vine Coan Nichols & Rick Charnoski Documentary Super-8 on video 45:00 World Premiere
Frustration Tom Patterson Experimental Video 3:43
GodAss Esther Bell Feature Video 73:00 World Premiere
Grand Central Jeff Scher Experimental 16mm 15:00
Hello Kitty Noel Dowd Short Video 14:00
Hi I'm Steve Robert Kennedy Short 16mm 6:00
High Rocks Jason Blalock Documentary Video 19:00
I Saw Bones Miranda July
I'm Insane Philipp Virus
Jeff Mark Hejnar Experimental Video 4:00
Jesse Helms is Cleaning Up America Bob Judd Experimental Video 6:34
Kids Are United Philipp Virus
Kingdom of Poet O Dennis Karsten Documentary 16mm on video 9:20
Language Sign Duality is Asymmetrical Andrej Velikanova & Julia Velikanova Experimental Video 11:00
Lee Hazlewood in New York Suki Hawley & Michael Galinsky Documentary Video 8:00
Liquid Sky Slava Tsukerman Feature 35mm 114:00
Live and Let Ride Tara Cooper Documentary Video 15:00
Look Back, Don't Look Back Randy Bell & Justin Rice Documentary 16mm 30:00
Low On Ice Philipp Virus
Lucy's Dream Relah Eckstein Experimental 16mm 12:30
Lullaby Jennifer Reeder Experimental Video 18:00
Magic City David Wilson Documentary 16mm on video 18:36
Meat Fucker Shawn Durr Short Video 28:00
Median Strip James Schneider Documentary 16mm 8:00
Migrating Forms James Fotopoulos Feature 16mm 80:00 World Premiere
Monk Fish Dream Naoko Nozawa Short Video 31:00
Monkey vs. Robot Nathan Pommer Short Super-8/16mm/35mm on video 2:30
Morphology of Desire Robert Arnold Experimental 16mm 5:45
Muckafurgason: Dreaming on a Cloud Vernon Chatman Documentary Video 11:00
Music for Airports Frank Scheffer
N.Y.H.C. Frank Pavich Documentary Video 87:00 East Coast Premiere
Nest of Tens Miranda July Experimental Video 26:27
Nest of Tens Miranda July US Premiere
Nitwit Predelick Xan Price Short Video 8:12
No Place Like Home #1 and #2 Karen Yasinsky Animation 16mm on video 11:00
Nostalgia for the Future Ian Kerkhof 22:00
Obsessed with Jews Jeff Krulik Documentary Video 10:00
Once & Future Queen Todd Verow Feature Video 90:00 World Premiere
Performance Laura Parnes Experimental Video 4:00
Pigskin Orgasm Jennifer Cluck & Amber Cluck Experimental Video 3:00
Please Kill Mr. Kinski David Schmoeller Documentary Video 9:00
pornfilm Stephanie Barber Experimental 16mm 7:00
Porno Invaders Game Shojo No Tomo Animation Video 3:00
Preserve Your Estate Animal Charm (Live) Experimental Video 9:30
Princess 2000: Where Did All the Love Go? Theresa Dillon Experimental Video 4:00
Quiver Scott Beveridge Short 16mm 5:00
Recitalc Seth Price Experimental 16mm on video 15:44
Removed Naomi Uman Experimental 16mm 7:00
Revolution Action: Live at QEH2 London Philipp Virus
Rock Opera Bob Ray Feature 16mm on video 90:00 East Coast Premiere
Sex on the Fritz: Performance Anxiety Astria Suparak
Shadow Boxers Katya Bankowsky Documentary 35mm 72:00
Sick To Death Philipp Virus
Sign of the Times Miriam Kruishoop 10:00
sincerely, joe p. bear Matt McCormick Experimental 16mm 4:00
Skate or Die Harder! Helen Stickler
Skatopia Rick Charnoski Documentary Video 12:00
Some Like It Without Sugar Andrej Velikanova & Julia Velikanova Experimental Video 11:00
Songs for Cassavetes Justin Mitchell Documentary 16mm 87:00 World Premiere
Sonic Fragments: The Poetics of Digital Fragmentation Ian Kerkhof, Frank Scheffer, Micha Klein, Alexander Oey, Miriam Kruishoop, Rob Schroder, Joost Rekveld Experimental 78:00 International Premiere
Special Report Bryan Boyce Experimental Video 4:00
Spectres of the Spectrum Craig Baldwin Feature 16mm 88:00
Speed Philipp Virus
Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical Martha Colburn Animation 16mm 3:00
Squat Savin Yeatman-Eiffel Animation Video 7:20
Standard Industry Robert Stoetzel Experimental 35mm 6:00
Sunday 10:42 am Jonathan Green Experimental Video 3:00
Surface 2043 Meg Hanna Short Super-8 on video 28:00
Surprise Cinema Bill Plympton Animation 35mm 7:00
Sweat Philipp Virus
Swingers' Serenade Danny Plotnick Short 16mm 23:40
Talent Show Laura Parnes Experimental Video 4:00
Target Animal Charm Experimental Video 8:30
Taxidermy: The Art of Imitating Life Eva S. Aridjis Documentary 16mm 8:00
Terminator III Andrej Velikanova & Julia Velikanova Experimental Video 11:00
The Birth of Century Sam Jesse Brown Animation Video 1:52
The BLVD Deborah Stratman Documentary Video 64:00 East Coast Premiere
The Brady Lunch Brendan Conway Documentary Video 8:00
The Businessman Ethan Minsker Short Video 16:00
The Death of Sex Carey Burtt Experimental 16mm 4:00
The Drowning Room Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley Experimental 35mm 10:00
The End of the Ego Alexander Oey 10:00
The Flocculus Jeff Warrington Animation Video 8:00
The Littlest Circus Alex Cohn Short Video 8:12
The Love Machine Gordon Eriksen Feature 16mm 82:00 New York Premiere
The Magnificent Andersons Julie Morrison Documentary Video 31:00
The Manipulators Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Claire E. Rojas Animation 16mm 2:35
The Penny Marshall Project Greg Pak Short Video 12:30
The Quest Francois Miron Experimental 16mm 10:00
The Report Soundtrack Philipp Virus
The Shield Around the K Heather Rose Dominic Documentary Video 85:00 World Premiere
The Target Shoots First Christopher Wilcha Documentary Video 60:00
The Vyrontonin Decision Matt McCormick Experimental 16mm 7:00
The Warhaul Tim Vierling Animation 16mm 7:00
Thorn and Toad Tobin Yelland Documentary Super-8 on video 3:15
Tie Me To The Wall Philipp Virus
Tiger Me Bollix Andrew Lampert & Moira Tierney Experimental Super-8 3:30
Tim & Andy Fight and then Go Bowling John Tagamolila Short 16mm 7:00
Two Cats James Fotopoulos Experimental 16mm 0:47
Untitled #29.95 The Video Aktivists Experimental Video 15:00
We All Die Philipp Virus
We Punkeinheit Philipp Virus
Who Needs Hollywood! The Story of Video Pioneer John Door and EZTV Nina Rota Documentary Video 26:30
Wrist Matthew Harrison Experimental 16mm 5:00
WSNO Miranda July Audio composition CD recording 9:12
You Ain't Nothing Philipp Virus
You're A Hero Philipp Virus

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