Leslie, John

Leslie, John

Leslie or Lesley, John, 1527-96, Scottish bishop, historian, and statesman. After studying in France, he returned (c.1554) to Scotland, where he opposed the Reformation. He became ecclesiastical adviser to Mary Queen of Scots and a member of her privy council and was appointed (1566) bishop of Ross. In 1569 he was made Mary's representative at the court of Elizabeth I of England, but he was arrested (1571) for complicity in the plot to marry the Scottish queen to Thomas Howard, 4th duke of Norfolk. He was released after his full confession and fled to France and then to Rome. An able historian, he left valuable accounts of the Catholic view of the events of his time. His 10-volume Latin history of Scotland (1578) was translated by James Dalrymple (ed. by E. G. Cody, 1888-95).
Leslie (Gaelic, derived from a surname meaning 'garden of hollies', 'grey fortress', or 'garden by the pool') can refer to any of the following:


in Canada:

in Scotland:

in the United States of America:

in Australia

  • Leslie Dam, a dam in Warwick South West Queensland



The following people bear the first name Leslie:

The following people bear the surname of Leslie:

Other famous people with Leslie in their full name:

  • Alfred Éric Leslie Satie (1866 – 1925), French composer and pianist
  • William Robert Leslie of Ireland, was the first Leslie in America in about 1780's, first settler in Pike County, Ky. He was buried in a hollowed out log on Johns Creek in Pike County. His grave is on land near Snivley Chapel, a Methodist church one of the oldest in Pike County, Kentucky.


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