lemma: see theorem.
Lemma may refer to:

  • Lemma (mathematics), a proven statement used as a stepping-stone toward the proof of another statement
  • Lemma (linguistics), the canonical form of a word
  • Lemma (logic), which is simultaneously a premise for a contention above it and a contention for premises below it
  • Lemma (botany), one of the specialised bracts enclosing a floret in a grass inflorescence
  • "Shadowing lemma", a fictional animal in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, which exists in only 2 dimensions and eats mathematicians


  • Analemma, the curve traced out by the sun over the course of a year, and the phenomenon may be used as a clock or calendar
  • Morris Iemma (Note: spelling with a capital i), former premier of the Australian state of New South Wales

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