Bernardo Storace

Bernardo Storace (fl. mid-17th century) was an Italian composer. Nothing is known about his life, except that in 1664 he served as Vice-Kapellmeister to the senate of Messina. This fact is mentioned on the title page of Selva di varie compositioni d'intavolatura per cimbalo ed organo, the single surviving collection of Storace's music, which is also the only source of information on the composer.


Selva di varie compositioni was published in Venice in 1664. The collection contains the following works (in the original order):

  • Three sets of variations on the Passo e mezzo:
    • Capriccio sopra il Passo e Mezzo
    • Passo e Mezzo
    • Altro Passo e Mezzo
  • Variations on the Romanesca
  • Variations on the Spagnoletta (Aria sopra la Spagnoletta)
  • Variations on the Monica
  • Variations on the Ruggiero (Capriccio sopra Ruggiero)
  • Variations on the Cinque passi (Partita sopra il Cinque passi)
  • Variations on the Folia (Follia)
  • Four passacaglias:
    • Passagagli sopra A la mi re
    • Passagagli sopra C sol fa ut
    • Passagagli sopra D sol re per #
    • Passagagli sopra Fe fa ut per b
  • Chaconne (Ciaccona)
  • Variations on the Balletto
  • Ballo della Battaglia
  • Two correntes
  • Two Toccata e canzon pairs
  • Two ricercars:
    • Ricercar
    • Ricercar di legature
  • Pastorale


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