legate [Lat. legare=to send], one sent as a representative of a state or of some high authority. In Roman history a legate was sent by the senate to the provinces as an envoy of the emperor. Sometime during the 12th cent. the word came into use to designate a papal ambassador. There are various types of papal legate, including the legatus a latere, a cardinal commissioned for a special confidential assignment as a representative of the pope; the nuncio or internuncio, who represents the Holy See, both temporally and ecclesiastically, in countries that exchange ambassadors with the Vatican (see nuncio, apostolic); and the apostolic delegate, a papal representative in a country that does not exchange ambassadors with the Vatican.

Legate may refer to:

  • Legatus, a general officer of the ancient Roman army drawn from among the senatorial class
  • Papal legate, a messenger from the Holy See
  • Legate, a rank in the Cardassian military in the fictional Star Trek universe
  • A member of a legation or diplomatic embassy
  • A representative, such as an ambassador or envoy

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