leg up

A Leg Up

A Leg Up is an episode of the Jetix TV series, Pucca. In it, Garu is in an hospital with a broken leg.


The episode begins with Garu practicing in the local dogo. He successfully launchs off a horse and manages to hit a giant bell above him. However, after he succeeded he is interrupted by Pucca who is giggling. Garu gets scared by walking backwards until his leg gets caught in a dent and he trips backwards, causing his leg to break. He then sobs, but the bell falls on top of him.

He then screams rumbling the whole of Sooga, and lays on the ground with the bell on top of him, with Pucca astonished.

After a while, at a hospital, Garu is lying in bed until a doctor comes in and says that Garu has a visitor. The visitor is Pucca, who is smiling behind the doctor. Garu gasps and tries to get out of bed, but his leg starts hurting. The doctor explains that his leg is fractured and that he needed some rest and that he will leave Pucca to take care of him. Pucca then tries to give him some medicine and Garu does not take it by moving his head, but Pucca attacks his leg and makes him take it. Then Pucca pumps water into Garu and he gets bloated. Then Pucca prepares to give him a hospital bath, but Garu panics and is already out of bed.

Tobe is dressed as a doctor and some ninjas are dressed in whitenurse outfits, and explain there plan to get rid of Garu in the hospital. Meanwhile, Garu is taking a walk through the hospital when he is run over by 2 emergencies. After this, he meets a little girl and she gives him a lollipop, but then attacks his leg.

Meanwhile, Tobe spots Garu and is about to attack but before they can do anything he is mistaken as a real doctor as him and the ninja are dragged off to see Chang by the head nurse. Chang has a giant infected boil on his back.

Tobe and the ninjas don't know what to do, so after the head nurse gives them a syringe they start passing it around to show who has to deal with the procedure. The last ninja is given the syringe and pops the boil, causing pus to fly all around the room. Outside, Garu is walking down the hall again when he sees a woman having a baby, then Pucca approaches, and with the knowledge shes looking for him, she lifts the woman in labour and looks to see if he's underneath her and puts her down.

Garu panics by running through a door. Garu gasps and walks back down the hall into a room with Linguigi saying that he will be the first to try his Acupuncture.

Meanwhile, Tobe and the ninjas have been dragged off again by the head nurse. This time they get dragged into the emergency room and Santa is saying, "Ouch, ouch! Ouchie! Ouch!" lying on the surgery table. After that,Tobe is congratulating his ninjas by giving them a snow globe and a candy cane.

However, Pucca runs through the hall and sees the woman again, with Garu. Garu, Tobe and his ninjas run into the room and the woman has a baby. The 4 freak out with Tobe saying that that was a bad sight. Then he and Garu start fighting through the hospital. Then they are in an elevator with an old woman in a wheelchair. Then Tobe and Garu get out of the elevator and Garu gets in another wheelchair. Tobe looks at the old woman and leaves, but finally gets attacked and Garu being attacked again. The doctor comes back in the room and says to Tobe how he is feeling. Tobe says that he feels that he needs to escape. The doctor says that he needs a lot of rest then he calls a nurse. The nurse arrives and says to Tobe that he needs a hospital bath. At the end, Pucca gives Garu a hospital bath and kisses him behind a curtain.

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