Leche is an album released by Mexican rock band Fobia. The word "Leche" means Milk in Spanish. This was their third album. Their greatest hit Miel de escorpión is still a reference song for Rock en español fans. Other hits include Los cibernoides and Plastico.

Track listing

  1. Plástico (Plastic)
  2. Los cibernoides (The cibernoids)
  3. Fiebre (Fever)
  4. No me amenaces (Don't threaten me)
  5. "_____"
  6. Miel del escorpión (The scorpion's honey)
  7. Perra policía (Bitch police)
  8. Regrésame a Júpiter (Return me to Jupiter)
  9. Maten al D.J. (Kill the DJ)
  10. Tú me asustas (You scare me)
  11. Los cibernoides (The cibernoids)
  12. Bonus track

The Band

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