Leaves' Eyes is a symphonic gothic metal band with folk elements from Norway and Germany assembled in 2003, shortly before singer Liv Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy. Leaves' Eyes was formed by her husband Alexander Krull and members of his band Atrocity. The band combines atmospheric, metal and classical elements. The vocals of Liv Kristine are occasionally backed up by death grunts from Krull, but most of the time she is the main vocalist.

Their debut album, Lovelorn, was released in 2004. The second album, Vinland Saga, was released 30th of May 2005, and retells the tale of the discovery of Vinland (i.e. North America) by Leif Erikson. The EP Legend Land was released on June 2, 2006 as a followup to Vinland Saga.

Liv Kristine thought of the band name, which is a homophone for her first name. Leaves is connected to nature, which has always been the biggest inspiration for her. Liv Kristine writes all of the lyrics for the band.

Leaves' Eyes are currently working on their first DVD; which has been recorded during a show in Belgium. They supported Blind Guardian on their North American tour in November 2006. They were scheduled to tour with Kamelot and Fairyland, as well as King Diamond and Kreator in 2008 but the tour has since been cancelled due to King Diamond suffering a serious back injury.

In February 2008, Leaves Eyes were confirmed to appear at the 2008 Wacken Open Air Festival.






Other releases


  • "Into Your Light" (2004)
  • "Elegy" (2005)
  • "Legend Land" (2006)


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