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In the Key of F

"In the Key of F" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Radio Free Roscoe, a teen comedy drama. On The N, the episode is from Season 4, Episode 7.

Plot synopsis

The episode begins with Robbie and Lily in Miss Allen's class. Lily is receiving high marks in the class for her writing, while in contrast, Robbie is not. Miss Allen announces that the top five students will be performing their piece at her showcase at Mickey's. To both of their surprise, Robbie receives a B on the assignment, and Lily fails.

Lily plans to talk with her teacher about the grade.

Ray is inviting Grace over to his house for the weekend, because his parents are going out of town. Grace suggests actually going out on a date, and Ray says he will get a limo, dinner at the Sushi Gardens, and seeing The Perfect Nobodies at The Waterfactory. Obviously not having enough cash, Ray turns to Travis, who doesn't offer him any help.

Travis and Parker plan to go out on a date: paintballing.

Lily goes to Miss Allen, and she offers to let Lily do another song for grading. Lily argues that her song was actually good, and did not deserve an F.

At RFR, the radio hosts discuss grading, in particular, unfair grading.

Confident that she will receive a better grade, and Miss Allen's respect, Lily goes away on writing her next song.

Parker and Travis return to Mickey's after paintballing, Ray comes to their table to take their order, and explains that he got a job there so he could pay for his and Grace's date. Parker and Travis then leave for Rollerland.

Lily is then performing her new song in Miss Allen's class, where she gives Lily a C after saying her song was not deep enough and needed a better bridge.

Back at RFR, Shady asks the callers about their experiences with unfair grading, when Garth Glemchuck's girlfriend calls in and asks if she can make a shout out.

Ray is still keeping his job a secret to Grace, telling her he is at his grandmothers home.

Travis gets a call from Parker, who suggests bungee jumping, but he rejects the plans, with a lie, saying that his ear infection.. his doctor.

Not using the tiller correctly, Mickey fires Ray, but then hires him back after he pleads his story with Grace to him.

Travis is trying to get Parker to meditate with him, but she can't stop talking. Travis lashes out and says that her talking is driving him crazy.

Robbie and Lily are at Lily's house, and Robbie is going through Mr. Randall's record collection. Lily is still wondering what Miss Allen's problem is with her, and Robbie explains that she doesn't have a problem, she is being a teacher. While going through the collection, Robbie finds an album called "Get Your Body Rockin'" by Leena Allen and Tempest, not realizing at first that it is Miss Allen. Lily then concludes that Miss Allen is being so mean because "she's nothing but a one hit wonder." Lily then performs a very harsh song about Miss Allen putting Lily down because Lily is still in the music scene, using the hook "Those who can't do teach." Miss Allen then responds to Lily saying that the song was good, but not showcase material. Then Lily says in front of the whole class that she's the best musician out of everyone and that Miss Allen is only doing this because her career didn't work out, and she's taking it out of Lily, Lily then storms out of the classroom, but not before Miss Allen tells her not to slam the door because "that would be a little over the top."

Ray and Travis are talking, revealing that Ray is now working in the kitchen at Mickey's. Travis then tells Ray about what he said to Parker, and then realizes that her talking is only a distraction to avoid letting anyone in.

Parker is talking to Lily, and confesses that she is messing their chances up, and that she turns into a chatterbox. She struggles wanting to tell Travis how she feels, but she can't seem to find a way.

Lily then begins playing a tune on her guitar when Parker says "I haven't heard that one in a while" Lily responds "I just wrote it", she then plays the tune again, and rushes off to Miss Allen's. Lily confesses to Miss Allen that she has been writing the same song over and over because Miss Allen liked the first one, and Lily thought she would keep writing it because Miss Allen did like it. Miss Allen says that is exactly what was wrong, and Lily then apologises for being so mean. Miss Allen then reveals to Lily that she got an A on her harsh song, but docked her down to a B for being mean. Miss Allen says that she wouldn't have told Lily the real problem before because Lily wouldn't have listened, and she says Lily has a lot of talent, so much that she could really make it. She also gives Lily the chance to write another song, and possibly get into the showcase.

Travis and Parker come together to apologize, and Travis confesses that he is so afraid because she is so individual from everyone he's met, Parker agrees, and says to him that she really likes him, but that she just gets nervous. As she is talking, Travis leans in and kisses her, leaving Parker speechless.

Travis and Parker are then eating at Mickey's and Ray is busing the tables, as Grace walks up to him and asks what he is doing. He tries to keep the lie, but then confesses. Grace is okay with it, and tells Ray that she doesn't care where he takes her. He jokingly asks if that means he can quit his job, but then a huge pile of soap comes from the kitchen and Grace says "I think you just got fired."

On Friday's showcase, Ray takes the stage to introduce the event, and Mickey gives him a job as an MC. No Man's Land then takes the stage, and sings Lily's newest song.

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  • Kristen Bishop as Ms. Allen

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