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Government Medical College, Thrissur

Government Medical College Thrissur, established in 1982 is presently one of the leading centers in medical training in Kerala. Spread over an area of more than 250 acres, it is located in in the serene surroundings of Mulagunnathukavu(M.G Kavu) 14 k.m. away from from Thrissur.


The college was formally inaugurated on April 1, 1982 by the Honourable Governor of Kerala, Smt.Jyothi Vencatachellum, who had also laid the foundation stone for the proposed college building at Mulagunnathukavu on 30 April 1982. Govt.Medical College, Thrissur had its humble beginning at Mannuthy. By March 1983, the institution had moved to its permanent site at Mulagunnathukavu, where the old buildings of the T.B sanatorium were suitably modified to accommodate the pre clinical and the para clinical departments as well as the administrative block.

The clinical departments started functioning on 22 October 1983 in the erstwhile District Hospital & Maternity Hospital buildings in Thrissur town. In April 1, 1985, the entire District Hospital was taken over on 1 April 1985. Construction of the 300 bedded Medical College Chest Hospital at Mulagunnathukavu was completed in 1987. The primary health centre of Tholur was taken over by the college in 1986, for regular training of medical students in community and preventive care. Ollur & Erumappetty primary health centres were also made available for training purposes. Construction of the 400 bedded New Medical College Hospital was started on 1995.

The first batch of 74 students was admitted to the college in April 1982 who completed their course in the May 1987. The college was granted permanent recognition by IMC in 1991 and by WHO in 1993 . In January 1995 construction of a new hospital complex was started in M.G Kavu. MD Radiodiagnosis courses were started in 1997 & MD general medicine courses were started in 2004.

In 2005 December the clinical departments were shifted from District Hospital to the New Medical College Hospital Complex in Mulagunnathukavu. The college celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 2007.


Principal Year
Dr. K. Madhavan Kutty 14-01-1982 to 14-02-1983
Dr. C.V. Korah 18-02-1983 to 31-05-1983
Dr. N. Sarada Devi 01-06-1983 to 01-09-1984
Dr. Aysha Guharaj 01-09-1984 to 04-07-1985
Dr. V. Kanthaswamy 04-07-1985 to 07-10-1987
Dr. Nirmala Devi (Vice Principal-in-charge) 08-10-1987 to 04-11-1987
Dr. Saramma Joseph 05-11-1987 to 03-04-1990
Dr. N. Nirmala Devi 11-04-1990 to 15-07-1992
Dr. D. M. Vasudevan (Vice Principal-in-charge) 16-07-1992 to 15-05-1993
Dr. James T. Antony 16-05-1993 to 30-06-1994
Dr. D. M. Vasudevan (Vice Principal-in-charge) 24-09-1995 to 19-11-1995
Dr. T. Chandrasekaran Nair 20-11-1995 to 30-04-1998
Dr. V.K. Ramankutty (Vice Principal-in-charge) 01-05-1998 to 23-09-1998
Dr. K. Madan Mohan 24-09-1998 to 25-10-1999
Dr. V.K. Ramankutty (Vice Principal-in-charge) 26-10-1999 onwards
Dr. M.K. Chandran 4-5-2001 onwards
Dr. Madhavi Ramachandren 27-3-2002 to 31-5-2002
Dr. Lilly 18-7-2002 onwards
Dr. Bhagavathy Ammai 1-9-2004 to 31-5-2005
Dr. Aliama Fenn 30-7-2005 to 30-4-2006
Dr. M. J. Cyriac 26-4-2006 to 30-4-2007
Dr. A Remla Beevi 01-5-2007 onwards

Constitution and working of the college

Government Medical College, Thrissur is under the Directorate of Medical Education, Government of Kerala.

The academic year extends from June to April/May. The college remains closed on Sundays, gazetted holidays and such other holidays as may be notified by the government.

Courses conducted

As on January,2007

Name of course No of seats
1. Post Graduate :M.D. (Radio Diagnosis) 2
2. MBBS 150
3. Diploma course in Medical Lab. Technology (MLT) 35
4. Certified Radiol. Assistant's (CRA) Course 35
5. Ophthalmic Assistant's Course 25
6. Senior house surgeoncy in various specialities
7. Post Graduate MD General Medicine 4
8. DNB in General Medicine 2
9. BSc. Nursing 60

Recently permission was given by IMC in June to start post-graduate course on psychiatry. Two post-graduate seats were alloted.


  • Mammography with steriotactic biopsy - first sophisticated mammography system installed in India.
  • H.P.L.C - First of its kind to be installed in Medical Colleges of Kerala.
  • CT - Second spiral CT scanner installed in Kerala.
  • I.I.T.V(Image Intensifier Tele Vision flouroscopy) system in CT block.
  • New ventilator for Medical College Chest Hospital.
  • V-Sat with medlar facility in the library - first unit installed in Medical Colleges of Kerala.



A. Medical College Establishments

  • Medical College Administrative office, Pre-clinical & Para clinical departments including Mortuary & Office of Police Surgeon.
  • New Medical College Hospital.
  • Medical College Chest Hospital.
  • Men's Hostel & Women's Hostel.
  • College Library.
  • College Canteens
  • Post Office & Employees Co-operative Store.
  • P.W.D (spl.buildings) section, S.B.T (Extn.counter)
  • 800 bedded extension of New Medical College Hospital Complex (under construction).
  • Teletherapy building.
  • Museum block for Forensic Medicine.
  • Lecture Halls.

B. Attached institutions outside the campus

  • Health Centre
  • Rural: Tholur, Ollur & Erumappetty.
  • Urban: Urban Community Health Centre, Kizhakkumbattukara. (in collaboration with Thrissur Corporation)

In addition there is an Auditorium located deep inside the campus which hosts the Annual inter-batch youth festivals. There is a small temple in the campus. The three canteens in the campus are run by the prestigious Indian Coffee House. The non clinical departments are situated as separate buildings inside the campus.


The batches studying MBBS in the college every year aren't named by the number or year of the batch, instead the names of eminent doctors in history are used. They are

College magazines

Lub Dub

  • Published: 2005
  • Publisher's Name: Arun Krishna.A.K, chief student editor, Students union 2003-2004.

Won the award for the Best Magazine in "All Kerala Basheer Memorial Award Competition".


  • Published: 2004
  • Publisher's Name: Prasoon Anil Narayanan, chief student editor, Students union 2002-2003


  • Published: 2004
  • Publisher's Name: Pleasant Sunny, chief student editor, Students union 1999-2000


  • Published: 2003
  • Publisher's Name: Anjith D, chief student editor, Students union 2001-2002

Previous year's magazines

  • Axiom
  • Magnum
  • Echo
  • Spectra
  • Chiaroscuro 1992

Alumni Association

Thrissur Medical College Alumni Association(TMCAA) is an organization of the past and present students of Govt.Medical College, Thrissur and the teachers who served as faculty in this institution. As per the byelaw, this organization is committed to the academic and infrastructural development of the alma mater. TMCAA conducts the famous CME programme for orientation for junior doctors for career advancement, helping doctors all over Kerala to get through the post-graduate MD/MS entrance examinations.

TMCAA have also provided teaching materials, audio visual equipments, furnitures, computers, academic bulletin board, surgical instruments, instruments for pre-clinical medical training, high quality Histology teaching slides, medical journals and books, TVs, chairs, scanners and printers & LCD projectors to various departments.

TMCCA have also contributed in computerization of MCCH out patient dept, beautification of the campus (by sponsoring planting of trees in MCCH), co sponsoring academic meetings and art festivals, co-sponsoring the 31st Inter-medical youth festival, felicitating our retiring teachers, hosting a web Site useful for the institution, supporting various academic activities of the students, reprographic services for PGs, departments administration, supporting water supply scheme of the college campus, supporting back ground work in IMC inspections, silver jubilee celebrations, working as a catalyst in various situations where administrative bottle necks affects the development of the alma mater & providing financial support for students.

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