712 (Shonen Knife album)

712 is a 1991 album by Japanese rock trio Shonen Knife. The album was named after the contraction of the Japanese words for the numbers 7 (nana), 1 (ichi), 2 (futatu), which, when contracted, sound like "na-i-fu." Naifu is the imported word in Japanese for "knife."

It is worth noting that the Japanese reissue of this CD does not feature the song "Baggs" (co-written with members of L7), instead featuring a new song "Cooking Story".

Track listing

  1. "Shonen Knife"
  2. "Lazybone"
  3. "Diet Run"
  4. "Blue Oyster Cult"
  5. "Rain"
  6. "The Luck Of The Irish"
  7. "My Favorite Town"
  8. "Faith Healer"
  9. "Redd Kross"
  10. "White Flag"
  11. "Superstar"
  12. "Expo '90"
  13. "Fruit Loop Dreams"
  14. "The Moon World"

Tracks featured on original US release

  1. "Baggs"

Tracks featured on Japanese rerelease

  1. "Cooking Story"

Tracks featured on US rerelease

  1. "Baggs"
  2. "Lazybone" (Live)
  3. "Blue Oyster Cult" (Live)

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