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Honesdale Star Park

Entering the small town of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, something sticks out prominently above the buildings; something you wouldn't expect to see shining above a desolate town. Upon looking up into what seems like thin air, one can see a large shimmering star hovering amongst the hills. This star is nearly 30 feet tall.

The Park Itself

Dedicated as a memorial to one of the past mayors, the actual park that the star is in lays at the top of a winding wooded road. Perched on top of the highest mountain overlooking the town, the park is surrounded by a large fence that wraps around the premises (because, of course, the long fall down if someone were to slip); it is because of this height that anyone going up to this park literally gets their breath taken away. The town lights, glittering nearly 200 feet below, make the whole view seem surreal.


During the 40 days leading up to Easter, otherwise known as Lent, the star that watches the town disappears and is replaced by another image. A towering Christian cross is instead displayed over the town.

Access to the Park

Upon entering Honesdale from Route 6, take a right onto Main Street. Continue until the first stoplight and take a left; then also the first left that you come to. You should be going up a steep incline now past a dozen or so houses. The fifth street on your left is the one you want to take. Even though it looks like it turns straight into nothing once reaching the forest, you will notice that the road continues to snake through the deep wilderness. After about a half of a mile, you found yourself at a dead end of a parking lot. This is the park, as you can vaguely see the dim light from the illuminated figure through the trees.

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