In mathematical analysis, one of a set of discrete values of a parameter, math.k, in an equation of the form math.Lx = math.kx. Such characteristic equations are particularly useful in solving differential equations, integral equations, and systems of equations. In the equation, math.L is a linear transformation such as a matrix or a differential operator, and x can be a vector or a function (called an eigenvector or eigenfunction). The totality of eigenvalues for a given characteristic equation is a set. In quantum mechanics, where math.L is an energy operator, the eigenvalues are energy values.

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Characteristic amount of energy absorbed or released by a substance during a change in physical state that occurs without a change in temperature. Heat of fusion is the latent heat associated with melting a solid or freezing a liquid. Heat of vaporization is the latent heat associated with vapourizing a liquid or condensing (see condensation) a vapour. For example, when water reaches its boiling point and is kept boiling, it remains at that temperature until it has all evaporated; all the heat added to the water is absorbed as latent heat of vaporization and is carried away by the escaping vapour molecules.

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Latent can refer to:

Latency can refer to:

  • Latency (engineering), a time delay between the moment something is initiated and the moment its first effect begins
  • Latency (audio), the time delay in digital audio systems due to analog to digital conversions, processing and conversion back to analog
  • The Latency, pop rock band from Maple Ridge, British Columbia
  • Memory latency and SDRAM latency, the amount of time a computer needs to wait to get data from RAM
  • Input lag, the latency between using an input device and the result being displayed
  • Communication lag or latency, the time taken for a packet of data to be sent by an application, travel and be received by another application
  • The latency stage in child sexuality
  • Clinical latency or incubation period, the time between exposure to a pathogenic organism, or chemical or radiation, and when symptoms and signs are first apparent
  • Dormancy

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