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Lares, Puerto Rico

Lares (LAH-res) is a small mountain municipality of Puerto Rico's central-western area located north of Maricao and Yauco; south of Camuy, east of San Sebastián and Las Marias; and west of Hatillo, Utuado and Adjuntas. Lares is spread over 10 wards and Lares Pueblo (Downtown Lares).

A city adorned with Spanish-era style churches and small downtown area stores, Lares is a breezy area that is about 1.5 hours from San Juan by car.

Lares has one major claim to fame: The 1868 uprising that happened there, brought on by pro-independence rebels who wanted Puerto Rico to gain its freedom from Spain. The movement, known thereafter as El Grito de Lares (literally, The Cry of Lares, or Lares Revolt), was soon extinguished, making Lares the site of the shortest lived republic ever.

The flag of Lares is now considered by many Puerto Ricans to be their symbol of independence. Initially developed to represent the island's struggle to gain its emancipation from Spain, the flag is now used by those struggling to liberate the island from the United States.


Lares was founded in April 26, 1827 by Francisco de Sotomayor and Pedro Vélez Borrero. The city was named after one of its settlers, Don Amador de Lariz a Spanish nobleman.


The origins of the municipality's flag can be traced back to the days of the failed attempt to rebel against Spanish rule in 1868 know as the Grito de Lares. The flag is derived from the Dominican Republic flag of 1844-49 and was knitted by Mariana Bracetti, a revolutionary leader, at the behest of Dr. Ramón Emeterio Betances, the revolt's leader, who designed it. This flag is formed by a white Latin cross in the center. The width of the arms and base are equal to a third part of the latitude of the emblem. It has two quadrilaterals located above and two below the arms the cross. The superior (top) ones are blue and inferior (bottom) ones red. A five point white star is located in the center of the left superior (top) quadrilateral.

Coat of Arms

A white cross is centered on and extends across the shield from side to side and top to bottom; it has blue top quadrants and red bottom quadrants; it has a five pointed white star in the upper left quadrant. A chain that surrounds the shield. The Coat of Arms as described has positioned around it on a scroll and a ribbon in a semicircle the words: "Lares Ciudad del Grito." This constitutes the stamp of Lares and identifies unmistakably the municipality of Lares.

Barrios (Districts/Wards)

  • Bartolo
  • Buenos Aires
  • Callejones
  • Espino
  • Lares
  • Lares Pueblo
  • La Torre

  • Mirasol
  • Pezuela
  • Piletas
  • Pueblo
  • Río Prieto



By Luis Lloréns Torres

En las verdes montañas de Lares,
y en lucha con la adversidad,
nuestros padres lanzaron el grito,
aquel primer grito de la libertad.

Nuestros padres soñaron un día
una patria feliz conquistar,
y murieron sin ver realizado
el ideal soñado de patria y libertad.

Brazo de oro que fue en Puerto Rico
la más noble y valiente mujer,
Brazo de oro bordó la bandera
que los puertorriqueños
sabremos defender.

La blanca cruz en ella significa
ansia de patria y redención,
el rojo, la sangre vertida
por los héroes de la rebelión.
Y la estrella en la azul soledad,
libertad, libertad, libertad.

Festivals and events

  • Feast of the Three Kings - January
  • Romantic Party - February
  • Almojabana Festival - March
  • Founding of Lares - April
  • Handcrafted market - May
  • Banana (Guineo) Festival - June
  • Cultural World Contest - August
  • Grito de Lares - September
  • Bonsai Gathering - October
  • Feast of the Patron Saint - December

Landmarks and places of interest

  • Castañer Settlement
  • Collazo Hacienda
  • El Jíbaro Park
  • El Porvenir Hacienda
  • Heladería de Lares (ice cream parlor)
  • La Lealtad Hacienda


Lares have a professional volleyball team called the Lares Patriotas (Lares Patriots) that have international players including: Gregory Berrios, Ramon "Monchito" Hernandez, and Ariel Rodriguez. The Patriotas won 3 championships, in 1981, 1983 and 2002. In 1981 and 1983 they beat Corozal in the finals and in 2002 they beat Naranjito. Some of the Native playes were: David Vera 1979, Rigoberto Guiyoti 1979, Modesto 1980, Luis Vera 1980, Carlos Vera 1980,


Lares' economy is primarily agricultural. Harvested products include; bananas, coffee, oranges, and tomatoes.

Tourism also plays a significant role in the municipality's economy. The Heladeria de Lares (Lares Ice Cream Shop) is well known around Puerto Rico for its unorthodox selection of ice cream including; rice and beans ice cream.



Lares is now ruled by the Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP). The mayor of this City is Hon. Roberto Pagán Centeno.



Puerto Rico State Route 111 runs through the town.

Notable "Lareños"


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