Lap of Luxury

Lap of Luxury

Lap of Luxury is the tenth studio album by Cheap Trick.


Although considered a comeback album for Cheap Trick, it was actually another record created in the midst of much turmoil with their label at the time, Epic Records. Before its recording, original bassist Tom Petersson rejoined the group and Epic had determined that it was going to help with some of the songwriting, and the band acquiesced only to save their contract. Ironically, "factory ballad" The Flame became a #1 hit single, and the album went platinum. However, the band still points to this album as the one that restricted their range and boxed them into a sound that would eventually stall their recording career for most of the 1990s.

Track listing

  1. "Let Go" (R. Nielsen, T. Cerney) 4:25
  2. "No Mercy" (J. Lind, J. Scott) 3:54
  3. "The Flame" (B. Mitchell, N. Graham) 5:37
  4. "Space" (M. Chapman, H. Knight) 4:16
  5. "Never Had a Lot to Lose" (R. Zander, T. Petersson) 3:22
  6. "Don't Be Cruel" (O. Blackwell, E. Presley) 3:06
  7. "Wrong Side of Love" (R. Nielsen, T. Cerney) 3:59
  8. "All We Need Is a Dream" (R. Nielsen, R. Zander, G. Giuffria) 4:20
  9. "Ghost Town" (R. Nielsen, D. Warren) 4:11
  10. "All Wound Up" (R. Zander, T. Petersson, J. Allen) 4:45

Four outtakes from the album's sessions have been released

1. "Through The Night" (R. Nielsen, R. Zander, T, Petersson) - 4:19
(Avalable on the Sex, America, Cheap Trick box set)
2. "You Want It" (R. Nielsen, R. Zander) - 3:41
(Avalable on the Sex, America, Cheap Trick box set)
3. "Magical Mystery Tour" (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) - 4:10
(Avalable on The Greatest Hits (Cheap Trick album))
4. "Money (That's What I Want)" (J. Bradford, B. Gordy, Jr.) - 3:15
(Avalable on the out of print Caddyshack II soundtrack)


  • Produced By Richie Zito
  • Engineered & Mixed By Phil Kaffel
  • Second Engineers: Jim Champagne, Bernard Frings, Mike Tacci, Bob Vogt, Toby Wright


Singles (Side A/Side B)

  • (1988) "The Flame/Through The Night" - #1 US, #77 UK. #2 Aus, #3 BB Mainstream Rock
  • (1988) "Don't Be Cruel/I Know What I Want(Live)" - #2 US, #77 UK, #8 BB Mainstream Rock, #13 Aus
  • (1988) "Ghost Town/Wrong Side Of Love" - #33 US
  • (1989) "Never Had A Lot To Lose/Let Go" - #65 US
  • (1989) "All We Need Is A Dream/No Mercy" - #87 US

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