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Canna tuerckheimii

Canna tuerckheimii Kraenzl. is a species of the Canna genus, belonging to the family Cannaceae. Native of Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador at altitudes of 500-2,000m (1,600 - 6,500ft). Johnson's Dictionary of 1856 reports that it first entered England in 1820 as Canna latifolia, meaning 'broad-leaved'.

It is a perennial growing to 4-5m. It is hardy to zone 10 and is frost tender. In the north latitudes it is in flower from August to October, and the seeds ripen in October. The flowers are hermaphrodite.


  • Canna altensteinii Bouché
  • Canna coccinea var. sylvestris (Roscoe) Regel
  • Canna curviflora Horan.
  • Canna gemella Nees & Mart.
  • Canna gigantea F. Delaroche
  • Canna iridiflora Willd.
  • Canna latifolia Mill.
  • Canna macrophylla Hort. ex Horan.
  • Canna neglecta Weinm.
  • Canna sylvestris Roscoe
  • Canna violacea Bouché
  • Canna 'Broad-leaved canna'


In the last three decades of the 20th century, Canna species have been categorised by two different taxonomists, Paulus Johannes Maria Maas, from the Netherlands and Nobuyuki Tanaka from Japan. Maas and Tanaka disagree on the correct taxonomic placement of this species, with Tanaka considering the correct placement for the species to be C. latifolia.

Canna tuerckheimii Kraenzl.

Giant species canna with vast stems carrying large green leaves and high carried orange-red flowers. Stems of up to 3 — 3.5m (11½ft) in height. Green leaves, relatively large - 30—100cm x 15—40cm (12—36in x 6—16in), lower side and sheaths lanuginose. Flowers are erect orange-red, 5.5 —9cm (2¼—3½in) long; floral tube not curved, composed of 9 coloured parts; petals not reflexed; with 4 staminodes.


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