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Round Table class landing ship logistics

The Round Table class is a class of Landing Ship Logistics (LSL), also known as the 'Sir' class, are designed for amphibious warfare missions, in support of the major amphibious ships. They have both bow and stern doors leading onto the main vehicle deck, making them roll-on/roll-off, combined with ramps that lead to upper and lower vehicle decks. Thanks to their shallow draft, they can beach themselves and use the bow doors for speedy unloading of troops and equipment. The ships also have landing pads for helicopters on both the upper vehicle deck and behind the superstructure.

One vessel, Sir Galahad, was lost during the Falklands War, while another, Sir Tristram, was badly damaged. The former was replaced by a new vessel of the same name, while the latter was rebuilt and returned to service. All of the vessels in this class were replaced by the new Bay class, the last serving vessel being RFA Sir Bedivere, which was decommissioned in 2008. The Royal Australian Navy's Landing Ship Heavy HMAS Tobruk is based on the Round Table design.

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