A landaulet, or landaulette, is a car body style with a convertible top for the back seat, with the front seat either roofed or open.

The term landaulet was originally used to describe a coupé version of a landau-style carriage, without the front seats that a landau would have had. The landaulet retained the rear half of the landau's two-part folding top.

Like many other coachbuilding styles, the landaulet was transferred from horse-drawn carriages to motor carriages.

Since a landaulet was always intended to be a chauffeured vehicle, the style was never popular in the mass market. They are sold mostly to celebrities, dignitaries, and those responsible for transporting celebrities and dignitaries. Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI, and Pope Benedict XVI used landaulets based on Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

The Maybach division of Daimler AG showed a landaulet concept car at the Middle East International Auto Show in November 2007.


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