Lamut, Ifugao

Lamut is a 4th class municipality in the province of Ifugao, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 18,731 people in 3,654 households.


Lamut is politically subdivided into 18 barangays.

  • Ambasa
  • Bimpal
  • Hapid
  • Holowon
  • Lawig
  • Lucban
  • Mabatobato, BLISS (Lamut)
  • Magulon
  • Nayon

  • Panopdopan
  • Payawan
  • Pieza
  • Poblacion East
  • Poblacion West
  • Pugol (Ifugao Reservation)
  • Salamague
  • Sanafe
  • Umilag


Lamut, formerly a barrio of Kiangan in the old Mountain Province, became a municipality on April 5,1959 by virtue of Republic Act No. 2111. It was then composed of 4 barangays, namely: Mabatobato, Payawan, Nayon and Panopdopan. The first appointed municipal mayor was Guinid Tuguinay who was later replaced by Alberto Puguon through a formal election held in November 1967, to December 1963. From January 1964 to December 1967, the municipal mayor was Alberto Bunoan, Sr. He was succeeded by Angelito Guinid from January 1968 to November 24,1976 who was in turn succeeded by Gregorio Kitong who was appointed as municipal mayor. Kitong served until January 1986.

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