laminated safety glass

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are bottles created from glass. They can vary in size considerably, but are most commonly found in sizes ranging between about 10ml and 5 litres.

The history of glass can be traced back to at least 12,000 BC where glass coated objects have been found.

Millions of glass bottles are created worldwide every day. On average there are at least 2 bottle-making factories in each county. It is a highly mechanized process, and the bottles in use now are no longer hand blown as they were in the past.

Such bottles can be used as weapons, either being used to hit someone by themselves, broken to create a make-shift knife, or made into a Molotov Cocktail.

To strengthen glass bottles, the process of lamination is sometimes done. Laminated safety glass is made by combining a layer of plastic over glass. When a non-laminated bottle is dropped, the glass breaks sending pieces of glass everywhere. When a laminated bottle is dropped, the glass still breaks, though the outer layer of plastic contains the broken pieces of glass.

Coca-Cola's "Contour Bottles" are a well known type of glass bottles.


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