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Lamos (Latinized as Lamus) is a name variously applied in Greek mythology and in classical geographical writings.

  • Lamos (Helicon), a small river on the summit of Mt. Helicon according to Pausanias (9.31.7). A note in the Loeb edition indicates some prefer the reading Olmios.
  • Lamos (Cilicia), a river in Cilicia (still called Lamas or Lamuzo).
  • Lamos (son of Zeus), to be identified with one of the above. In Nonnus' Dionysiaca this Lamos son of Zeus is a river god who is father to the "river-nymphs" also called Hyades who become nurses to the infant Dionysus (9.23; 14.147, 24.50).
  • Lamos (Omphale), a son fathered on Omphale by Heracles according to Diodorus Siculus (4.31.8) and Ovid in his Heroides (9.54).
  • Lamos (Theban), a defender of Thebes slain by Parthenopaeus in battle in Statius' Thebaid (9.764)
  • Lamos (Trojan), a Trojan slain by Thoas according to Quintus Smyrnaeus' Fall of Troy (11.90).
  • Lamus (Turnus), one of Turnus' supporters who is slain by Nisus in Virgil's Aeneid (9.334).
  • Lamos (Laestrygonian), name associated with the Laestrygonian city of Telepylus in the Odyssey (10.105), traditionally taken as the name of a former king or co-regent but possibly another name for the city itself. Roman authors make this Lamos eponym to the Lamiae family of Formiae.

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