lady of easy virtue

Easy Virtue (1928 film)

Easy Virtue is a 1928 silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and based on a play by Noel Coward.


The heroine Larita (Isabel Jeans) is married to a drunken brute. After he catches her almost being seduced by the artist who has been painting her picture, he brings suit for divorce. Adultery is the only ground for divorce in England at this time. Since she is now a disgraced woman of " easy virtue", Larita takes to the French Riviera where she ensnares a rich young suitor John Whittaker (Robin Irvine). She doesn't tell him about her checkered past and his family does not like her.



  • Alfred Hitchcock cameo: A signature occurrence in almost all of Hitchcock's films, he can be seen walking past a tennis court carrying a walking stick at about 15 minutes into the film.

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