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L/R: Licensed by Royalty

L/R: Licensed by Royalty is a fictional Japanese anime television series about 'Cloud 7,' an organization whose job is to protect the royalty of the fictional country of Ishtar.

As of August 2005, this series aired on AZN Television. The two main characters of the show are Jack Hofner (the charming polite blonde haired man with sea blue eyes, and Rowe Rickenbacker (long brown hair/eyes- impolite most of the time). The series focuses mainly on the team L/R, and on the protection of Noelle, a 14 year old girl from the fictional country of Ivory.

Volume #1: Deceptions

The royal family often has "special" jobs that require intervention and can't be directly linked to the government. For these impossible missions, they often call upon their most trusted agents in the private sector: Cloud 7.

  • Episode 1 - Be Traced
  • Episode 2 - A Taste of Secret
  • Episode 3 - A Girl Goes to City
  • Episode 4 - Sweet Enemies in the Same Desert

Volume #2: Targets

Twice the Agents, Twice the Action and Twice the Fun! The world's deadliest sniper arrives in Ishtar, so the government dispatches Cloud 7 to discover and protect his target - only to discover the target is themselves! Then Jack and Rowe must cooperate with Jack's ex-girlfriend to protect Ishtar's mightiest mega-conglomerate, DTI, from the terrorist known as "Angel." Soon, they track Angel's roots to Ivory Island, where they decide to visit their friend Noel. However, a paramilitary group ruins the reunion by trying to kill Noel! Buried truths boil dangerously to the surface and threaten to rip the countries apart with violence...

  • Episode 5 - Teardrop
  • Episode 6 - Lost Recognition
  • Episode 7 - Ivory

Volume #3: Broken Angel

A lull in Angel's activities makes active investigation difficult, so L/R gets assigned to retrieve a royal gem before the syndicate can smuggle it out of the country. Later Rowe attempts to relax and attend the first baseball game played in Ishtar. Unfortunately, he becomes trapped in an aerial tramway being buffeted by high winds with arguing passengers and an old man going into diabetic shock! Later, Jack investigates a connection between DTI's president and L/R's boss, Mister, while Rowe discovers the truth about Angel!

  • Episode 8 - Out of Phase
  • Episode 9 - Suspended Game
  • Episode 10 - The Discard

Volume #4: Assassinations

Jack disappears while investigating into DTI, leaving Rowe all alone to deal with their new assignment - to protect Noelle while she prepares for her Crowning confirmation ceremony. The intense media attention is difficult enough, but old royal power struggles and an ambitious agent create an overwhelming task! As Noelle prepares to use the ceremony to make a stunning revelation about DTI and the royal family, L/R receives a chilling new mission - assassinate Noelle during the ceremony!

  • Episode 11 - Tug of War
  • Episode 12 - A Day in the Life
  • Episode 13 - Two of Us

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