Kundt's tube

Kundt's tube

Kundt's tube is an experimental setup of August Kundt for the measurement of the speed of sound in both a gas and a solid rod.

The setup is a transparent pipe which contains a powder such as talc. In one end of the tube is a piston which can be used to tune the tube to resonance.

Kundt's tube can be used to demonstrate sound wave superposition and standing waves. The signal generator is turned on to about 100Hz (which is a frequency easily audible to humans). Then the adjustable end is moved until a loud sound is heard. This loud sound is a result of making the length of the tube system a multiple of sound wavelengths. When this natural frequency is heard, the dust or talc will form equally spaced piles (nodes) and in between these nodes will be areas of little or no dust (antinodes). The distance between nodes can be measured to be the sound's wavelength/2.

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