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Kumiss is an instrumental post-rock band from Southampton. Their music combines funk style drums, soundscaping electronic effects, and distorted guitars, held together with melodic bass lines and violin.


Kumiss were formed in 2003 when brothers Chris and Mathew Blakey were inspired to create a funk-rock band. They were joined by local school friend, Mathew Richards as their vocalist. After composing guitar and bass parts to some of their first pieces of original music, they invited drummer Joshua Carr to join the band.

2006 saw the departing of Mathew Richards due to "artist differences" and shortly after, Joseph White joined the band, bringing guitars, synthesizer and glockenspiel to the core trio of Chris Blakey, Matt Blakey and Josh Carr. Guitarist Chris Blakey met Joe at college and towards the end of 2005 they started writing music together in Southampton where Joseph was studying. After introducing him to the remaining members of the band they began to write new music in a different style. Joe brought new influences to the music, notably electronica and sounds from synth based bands like Air.

In early 2006 the band started to identify their genre recognising themselves as post-rock and drawing on sounds similar to Godspeed you black emperor. After well received gigs in Southampton they recorded the demo 'The missing link was previously absent'. Following this album, Chris and Joseph invited housemate Benjamin Perry (Violinist) into the Band. They spent the latter parts of 2006 playing new material and barely any of the music from their previous albums. Much of the material for the 2007 ep, 'Seventy-Eight Ways' was also written at this point, with the violin adding great depth and diversity to the band. The new approach resulted in some support slots for well established bands such as Yndi Halda, Rival Joustas, Aereogramme, UpCLeftCDownCRightCABC+Start and Yolk.

Current line-up

  • Chris Blakey (Guitar, Synth, Vocals)
  • Matt Blakey (Bass)
  • Jemma Wakeman (Keyboards, Lead Vocals)
  • Joshua Carr (Drums)
  • Joseph White (Guitar, Glockenspeil, Vocals)
  • Benjamin Perry (Violin, Guitar)


CD Name Released
Forward 2003
Kumiss 2003
Aphasia 2004
Monologues of a sentry 2005
The Missing Link Was Previous Absent 2006
Seventy-Eight Ways 2007
The Seasonal E.P. 2008

2008 saw the release of their latest cd (The Seasonal E.P.), with the band distancing themselves from the post-rock stereotype with shorter songs, funkier and happier melodies, and more intricate arrangements.

October 2008 sees Kumiss conduct their first national tour. Over the two week tour they will be playing in a number of major cities including Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester as well as dates closer to their more traditional heartland such as Chichester and Winchester.

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