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Kriti is also a spelling of Crete, Greece
"Kriti" is also the Hindi word for "creation". It is used as a first name in India.

Kriti is a format of a musical composition typical to Carnatic music, an Indian classical music style. Kritis form the backbone of any typical Carnatic music concert and is the longer format of a carnatic music song. Kritis typically contain three parts:

Types of kritis

  1. Pallavi. This is the equivalent of a refrain in Western music.
  2. Anupallavi. The second verse.
  3. Charana. The final (and longest) verse that wraps up the song. The Charanam usually borrows patterns from the Anupallavi. The charanam's last line usually contains the composer's sign, or mudra, with which the composer leaves their mark.

Some Kritis have a verse between the anupallavi and the charaṇa, called the chiṭṭaswara. This verse consists only of notes, and has no words. Still others have a verse at the end of the charaṇa, called the madhyamakāla.

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