kombucha mushroom tea

Mushroom tea

Mushroom tea is an infusion made by using psychedelic mushrooms. The active ingredient in the mushrooms is psilocybin.

The extraction process involved in creating mushroom tea is variable, but typically involves straining the mushroom for psilocybin. By straining or filtering liquid through the fungal matter, residual psilocybin can be accumulated and stored for later use. Many variations exist in creating mushroom tea, ranging from simple straining to using coffee makers.

The resulting "tea" is often mixed with other drinks in order to dilute the bitter taste.

The best way to do this is to bring about a cup and a half of water for each person to a boil. Pour half the water over finely ground mushrooms and allow it to steep for 7 or 8 minutes. Strain the tea into the cups. Tea bags can be added to these cups, it helps to use something acidic. While drinking the first cups, pour another batch of boiling water over the now-wet mushrooms and allow the second infusion to steep while you drink the first. Strain and drink again. The come-up is mellow, but abrupt. At times the effects of the first cup can be felt while the second cup is being drank. This method makes for a faster come-up, and also allows the user to experience the effects without the unpleasant taste or potential stomach discomfort, as well as allowing people to have an equal dosage, which with eating mushrooms is impossible because the amount of psilocybin varies in parts of the mushrooms, and contrary to popular belief, psilocybin is not equally distributed in mushrooms of equal size/weight.

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