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Close to Home (film)

Close to Home (Karov la bayit) is a 2005 Israeli movie. It is the first film about the experience of women soldiers in the Israeli army.

"The film 'Close to Home' (“Karov la bayit”) shows the everyday life of two young Israeli women soldiers on military service in their home town Jerusalem. There is pressure from above, rebellion against it, knuckling under because of convenience or out of a sense of duty and above all bending the rules wherever it is possible. What's special about this film are the two convincing actresses who present their everyday life in an entertaining manner. They are on patrol in Jerusalem and make checks on Arabs, but what they are most concerned with are the things most women of their age are concerned with: mobile phones, smoking, fashion, and boys. There is also an attack, the sort of event as a result of which Israel is usually present in our media."

Yvonne Otter

Production Details:

Israel, 2005, 90 min

Directors: Dalia Hager, Vidi Bilu

Actors: Smadar Sayar, Naama Schendar, Irit Suki, Katia Zimbris

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