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And You Think You Know What Life's About

And You Think You Know What Life's About is the second album by Dishwalla. It was released on August 11, 1998 on A&M Records.

Track listing

  1. "Stay Awake"
  2. "Once in a While"
  3. "Bottom of the Floor"
  4. "Healing Star"
  5. "Until I Wake Up"
  6. "5 Star Day"
  7. "Truth Serum"
  8. "So Blind"
  9. "Gone Upside Down"
  10. "So Much Time"
  11. "The Bridge Song"
  12. "Pop Guru"


  • Scott Alexander: Bass, Vocals
  • Rodney Browning-Cravens: Guitars, Vocals
  • George Pendergast: Drums, Vocals
  • J.R. Richards: Vocals, Guitar, Additional Keyboards
  • Jim Wood: Keyboards, Vocals
  • Uncle Jake Richards: Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals on "The Bridge Song"
  • Peter Byck, Marc Waterman and David Young: Backing Vocals on "Bottom of the Floor"
  • Engineered by Marc Waterman and Jim Wood
  • Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Image Recording, Hollywood, California, assisted by Andrew Garver

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