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Enigma (TV series)

Enigma is a 2007 Biography Channel TV series about enigmas throughout history.


(in alphabetical order)

  1. Exorcising the Devil: Belief in evil spirits spans time and crosses centuries, and just as old and universal is the cure for possession. In Catholicism, exorcism dates back to Christ's expulsions of the devil. The "Roman Ritual" dating from 1614 remained unchanged until 1999. Witness actual exorcisms, and learn why they are now increasing.
  2. Miracles: From time immemorial, humans have borne witness to miracles--actions that contradict known scientific laws. Multitudes of believers claim to be cured of malady by miraculous healing. Are they guilty of wishful thinking compounded by blind faith? Meet history's miracle workers from Jesus to Edgar Cayce and decide for yourself.
  3. Salem Witch Trials: Would it surprise you to learn that not one person was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials? The tragedy was that 19 were hanged and one was "pressed" to death--all on the accusations of young girls. Join us as we recall those hysterical days of American colonial history when over 150 people were jailed and tortured.
  4. Superstitions: Knock wood as we whisk back in time to uncover the origins of our common superstitions. Early man tried to control nature's mysteries by creating rituals to appease the gods. Yet, as civilization grew, even more rituals and talismans were needed in response to uncertain times. But why today do we still rub that lucky rabbit foot?

There may be other episodes as the series continues.


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