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Wired (book)

Wired : The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi, is a 1984 non-fiction book by American journalist Bob Woodward about the American actor and comedian John Belushi.

Belushi's wife, Judith Belushi Pisano, has objected to the portrayal of her late husband in Woodward's book and has recently written another biography of Belushi, titled Belushi: A Biography. A similar book, also written by Pisano, is entitled Samurai Widow and was published in 1990 to counter the image of Belushi portrayed in Wired.

The hardcover edition includes sixteen pages of black-and-white photos, front and back.

This title is currently out of print.

Many friends and relatives of Belushi, including his wife Judy, Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, agreed to be interviewed at length for the book, but later felt the final product was exploitative and not representative of the John Belushi they knew. The book was later adapted into a feature film also called Wired in which Belushi was played by Michael Chiklis. Belushi's friends and family boycotted the film, which proved to be critical and caused the movie to be a box-office flop.

Dan Aykroyd, Fear, Lorne Michaels, Ed Begley, Jr., Penny Marshall, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Rick Moranis, Tony Curtis, Seymour Cassel, Jack Nicholson, Harry Dean Stanton, Dave Thomas, Carrie Fisher, Steven Spielberg, Treat Williams, Paul Simon, Ed. Weinberger, Chevy Chase, Cliff Robertson, Chrissie Hynde, John G. Avildsen, Debra Jo Fondren, Louis Malle, Tim Kazurinsky, Don Novello, Blair Brown, Steve Martin, Christopher Guest, James Belushi, Ronnie Wood, Nick Nolte and Danny DeVito are among the celebrities mentioned throughout John's career.

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