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Fat Truckers

The Fat Truckers were a British electro band from Sheffield, comprising Ben Rymer, Mark Hudson and Ross Orton. It also featured Jason Buckle and Ginger Dave as a part-time members.

The band split up in 2004. Orton now works in production with Pulp's Steve Mackey, and has recently worked with M.I.A.. Rymer DJs as part of Gucci Soundsystem and Hudson has his own band Meat For A Dark Day.

The Fat Truckers also were renowned in their native Sheffield for their generosity and dedication to numerous charitable causes. In fact, in 2002, just as the band were on the brink of breaking into the big time, local news TV station Calender followed the trio as they spent an afternoon visiting the various hostels, drop in centres and residential units which had benefited from their donations. The highlight was local reporter Geoff Druett racing Mark Hudson on a pair of mobility scooters the band had paid for the Broomhall OAP centre.

Interestingly, outside of music Rymer is also well known in scouting circles. In 2006 he picked up a lifetime achievement award at London's scouting HQ Baden Powell House for his work with the13th Sheffield cub group where he has held the position of akela since 1999. He dedicates a lot of time to teach the children rock climbing skills on Stanage Edge just to the west of his native Sheffield, however, in 2003 Rymer suffered a severe knee twist while climbing on the edge, an injury which restricted his movements on stage when the band supported Pulp on their UK tour. Fans used to seeing energetic performances from Rymer were disappointed at this problem and it was reported in the NME at the time seven people demanded refunds following the Brixton Academy show. Rymer at the time was massively upset not to be able to give 100% and suffered, briefly, with a bout of depression.

Orton is also one of the UK's leading Barbel specimen hunters and is regularly seen on the pages of Angling Times with his catches. Of course many of the legions of Truckers fans fail to recognise Orton who is often dressed in his own line of camo fishing gear, Orton's Big Catchwear.

Hudson currently has a big moustache and in 2006 opened the Gay Pride basher with Neil Tennant. Duetting together for the first time in public, a seamless and arousing medley was erected with hits such as Rent boy, Superdike, Teenage Knackers Yard, The Jarvis Harvest and many more etc. There is talk of an album with Jimmy Summerfields, Jim Morrisons and ASDAmski.




  • "Superbike" (2003)
  • "Teenage Daughter" (2003)
  • "Anorexic Robot" (2003)

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