Wicket W. Warrick

Wicket Wystri Warrick is a fictional character from the Star Wars universe, first introduced in Return of the Jedi and played by Warwick Davis. Wicket is an Ewok, living on the Forest Moon of Endor. Ewoks are small, tree-dwelling primitives who live in thatched huts high in Endor's treetops.


Star Wars: Ewoks

Wicket first appearance in the chronology of the Star Wars universe was as one of the main characters in the animated series ''Star Wars: Ewoks

Caravan of Courage

Wicket was involved with the Ewoks who helped reunite the Towani family in the 1984 TV film Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. He accompanied a brother and sister named Mace and Cindel. He also helped them find and rescue their parents. Wicket also has two older brothers and a younger sister.

The Battle for Endor

He helped Cindel, Noa, and the other Ewoks defeat King Terak and the Sanyassan Marauders in the 1985 TV movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. When the Ewoks and Cindel were captured, Wicket, Noa, and Teek went to rescue them. Wicket was the one who killed Terak when he used a slingshot to hit Charal's ring around his neck which turned him into a statue. Cindel was his best friend.

Return of the Jedi

In the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, Wicket was the first Ewok to make contact with the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor, when he met Princess Leia Organa. Although initially fearful of the stranger, Wicket eventually took Leia to his village. It was not long before the rest of the Rebels arrived, having been captured and nearly used as food by the other Ewoks. Consistently we see Wicket being predominantly the leader although some other Ewoks do pluck up the courage and seize the initiative. He is also shown as klutzy at times, such as when he accidentally hits himself with a rock he is swinging over his head. Wicket's name was not used in the movie; fans only learned his name when the character appeared as an action figure in toy stores.

Later life

Wicket's fate after the fall of the Galactic Empire is largely undocumented. Wicket eventually married his longtime friend, Princess Kneesaa. He became co-chief of the village when Chief Chirpa, Kneesaa's father, died.


In all of his film appearances, Wicket was portrayed by Warwick Davis, which is the origin of the name Warrick. Kenny Baker was originally going to play Wicket, but he fell ill, so Davis took the role. Instead, Baker played Paploo, the Ewok who steals an Imperial speeder bike.

Davis was only thirteen years old when Return of the Jedi was released.

Figures of Wicket

Like many of the Star Wars characters, Wicket was made into one of the figures, being one of the smallest. Two variations can be found, one with the spear packed on the left, the other with it packed on the right.

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