The Kingmaking

The Kingmaking is the first in a trilogy of Arthurian novels by the British writer Helen Hollick. It was published in 1994 by William Heinemann in the United Kingdom.

The semi-historical novel follows the rise of the young Arthur Pendragon after the death of his father, Uther. The book concentrates on Arthur's relationship with Gwenhwyfar and his emerging prowess on the battlefield. The Kingmaking is set in Britain during the late fifth century some sixty years after the Roman legions pulled out of the island.

By putting King Arthur into a realistic historical setting, some characters from Arthurian legend such as Merlin and Lancelot are left out.

Endorsements and reviews

Sharon Penman called the novel "a wonderful book [...] [that] breathes new life into an ancient legend

"A uniquely compelling novel which is bound to have a resounding and lasting impact on Arthurian fiction." Books


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