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A Kindred Spirit

A Kindred Spirit (真情) was a television drama series that was broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong from May 15, 1995 to November 13, 1999. It is one of the longest running drama shows in Hong Kong television history (the longest being the sitcom Hong Kong 81 series). Its exceptional longevity still amazes people in a city where scripted TV drama programs typically only last around 20 episodes. The total number of episodes is 1,128. Each episode airs a few days in each week.

The show centres on a family who operates a barbecue pork (char siew) restaurant in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, and their life.


As the show progressed, more and more new characters were added into the show, as in a soap opera. The show finally ended in November 13, 1999 with a lavish farewell that included all the actors who participated in the show from past and present.

Main Cast

Actor Character(s) Remarks
Louise Li Leung Yun Shin
Original cast member
Lau Dan Lee Biu Bing
Original cast member
Nancy Sit Leung Yun Ho
Joined cast in 1996
Kwan Hoi Shan Leung Yau
梁 友
Joined cast in 1995
Lai Suen Yuen Man Kuen
Original cast member
Cheung Chi Kwong Lee Tim Fook
Original cast member
Louisa So Chan Wing Kam
Original cast member, departed
Kenix Kwok Lee Daw Foon
Original cast member, departed in 1995
Ben Wong Yung Heung Hoi
Original cast member
Angie Cheung Lee Choi Yiu
Ng Fong Kwai
Original cast member, departed and returned
Marco Lo Tong Lap Sang
Joined cast in 1996
Lau Nam Kwong Leung Yun Choi
Original cast member, departed
Sze Ming Ma Yuk Yu
Original cast member, departed
Florence Kwok Lee Daw Yan
Original cast member
Hawick Lau Lee Tim On
Original cast member
Tam Sin Hung Auntie Yung
容妹 or 容姨
Original cast member

Impact on Hong Kong Culture

The show's impact on Hong Kong culture is immense, although its influence is fading away as new series are being aired. Everyone can remember the approximate arc of the story and most can sing the theme song.

The impact of the show on its cast is enormous, some actors have suffered a form of "curse" from the series, being that they can never break out of their mould that were set during this series. A good example listed earlier is the actor who played Ji Ho in the series. His performance on the series was so convincing and memorable that it has prevented him from playing heroes or protagonists since his run on the show was ended.

Kindred Spirit is shown in the US on Directv's TVB Jade TV on weekdays, and is also rerun in Hong Kong on TVB's Grand Theatre Channel, which belongs to TVB's new pay television services. The show aired in Canada via Fairchild TV.

The show is currently rerun on weekday afternoons on TVB Jade in Hong Kong.

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