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Kindia, town (1996 pop. 287,607), W Guinea. A rail and road hub, Kindia is the trade center for an area where bananas, manioc, rice, fruits, and vegetables are grown and bauxite is mined. Wood is processed for use in furniture factories outside Conakry. Kindia has a fruit research center, a medical center, and a school of agriculture.

Kindia is the third largest city in Guinea, lying about 85 miles north east of the nation's capital Conakry. Population 181,126 (2008 est).


Kindia serves as the capital and largest city of Kindia Prefecture and Kindia Region. The military headquarters of the Guinean Armed Forces is based in the city.

Kindia grew around banana plantations after the construction of a now-closed railway to the capital. Local attractions include Mount Gangan and the Mariée Falls.


The city of Kindia has an ethnic diverse population, although the Susu make up the majority of the population, follow by the Mandinka. The city is home to virtually all of the country's ethnic groups. After the capital Conakry, Kindia is home to the second largest Sierra Leonean community in Guinea. An estimated 9,000 Sierra Leoneans reside in the city, many of them have obtain Guinean citizenship. Like every cities in Western Guinea, including the capital Conakry, the Susu language is the most widely spoken language in Kindia and is understood by virtually the entire population.


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