Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Robot Chicken.

List of skits

Hip Hip Horray

A group of office workers offer up a cheer from their cubicles.


An overweight little boy sitting on one end of a See-saw, looks up, expectantly, for his playmate to return to earth.

Mission to Mars: Day 293

Astronaut #1 to astronaut #2: "I **** Hate You"

KITT's Day Out

Knight Rider's KITT gets a day out partying with the valet parking attendants from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. KITT gets drunk, high, washed by buxom lasses, and is finally returned to Michael Knight skewered by several trees - ultimately blowing up.

Mission to Mars: Day 312

Astronaut #1 to astronaut #2: "Stop farting"

My Toe

One camel, standing outside of a 'nudie bar', looking upwards, says to the other, "that looks like my toe."

Going to the Ball?

A policeman, having pulled over a Cinderella-type coach, ask the driver, "Where are you in such a hurry going to, the ball?" He then writes them a ticket and says "not anymore..."

Kung fu Grandma

Grandma, placed in a home against her will, tells her family that "everybody's trying to kill me". She's proven true after they leave, but also proves that she can handle the dozen or so seniors who attack her, showing her Kung Fu prowess.

Polar Bear Puke

What really happens when the Coca Cola bear drinks too much Coke.

Mission to Mars: Day 331

Astronaut #2 rapes astronaut #1.

"The Incredible Adventures of the Olsen Twins"

The Olsen Twins, now 18 years old, meet with their corporate handlers and learn that their "Mary Kate and Ashley in Moscow"" DVD hit #1, the "Olson Twins Tropical Toothpaste" was endorsed by the American Tooth Association - and one lucky guy just saved a ton of money just by switching to GEICO.

Getting a call from the mayor, they activate their super-powers (ala The Wonder Twins), Mary Kate taking the form of a giant eagle and Ashley taking the shape of a bucket of water. They are joined by Gleek and fly off on their mission.

The are sent to fight a fire-breathing dragon, and realize the reason that the dragon is angry is because he has a skin condition, and use mops to swathe him with "Olson Oil Skin Cream". After treating the condition, of course, they kill the dragon by pulling it's skull out of the body though the nose.

In the previews for the 'next exciting adventure (ala The Matrix) we see Mary Kate eating a sandwich.


A baby playing with blocks spells out disfigured",

Fiat Platypus

God, looking confused with a pile of random objects in front of him , including a bone, a black baseball cap, and a dodge ball, finally decides what to do with it all and makes the platypus.

There's a monster in My Closet

A little boy, complaining to his mommy that there's a monster in his closet, is even more scared to hear her response, as her eyes begin to glow red and she says, "I know."

KITT's Day Out - part 2

Michael Knight is given the diagnosis from the mechanic on KITT's condition... "he's dead". Michael is stoic about it, saying, "Eh, it's just a car."

Mission to Mars: Day 332

Astronaut #1 is simply stares in disgust at astronaut #2.

Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie

I, Robot is spoofed, putting Rosie the Robot Maid from The Jetsons in the place of the robot from I, Robot. Rosie is accused of killing George Jetson. Will Smith is the detective - who knew George's death was no accident. One man, Mr. Spacely, speaks out for Rosie's innocence, citing the Three Laws of Robotics. Spacely also takes George's place in the Jetson home, quickly treating Jane as his new wife. Elroy is happy about his new dad, but Astro is suspicious. Spacely pacifies the dog. Judy is abducted by a Chinese restaurant. Mr. Cogswell claims out to be a robot as well, by performing the robot dance. While in the witness box at trial, Rosie proclaims her innocence, but the judge decides to play it safe, pulls a lever next to the bench, and Rosie is flattened in a huge machine press.

Next week on Unsolved Case Files: Jem

"Was she truly outrageous? Truly, truly, truly, outrageous?" the narrator says as Jem is shown peeing into a urinal, implying she may be a transsexual.

Cast / Voice actors

Stoop!d Monkey

The monkey is climbing into the mouth of a crocodile.


In the skit "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie"; the television says "George is in hell...with us."

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