kept secret

The Best Kept Secret (album)

The Best Kept Secret is the debut solo album of New Zealand hip-hop artist, Alphrisk, of the Deceptikonz released in 2004.

Song information

Track listing

  1. "Fifteen Islands"
  2. "Guess Who's Here"
  3. "Capital SA" featuring Savage
  4. "Move Forward"
  5. "Sunshine" featuring Adeaze
  6. "I Think I Found Her"
  7. "The A-Men"
  8. "Fo’ Sho’" featuring Scram Jones and Mareko
  9. "Hands Up"
  10. "My People" featuring Mareko
  11. "The Circus" featuring Deceptikonz and Breakinwreckwordz
  12. "The Best Kept Secret"

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