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Xombie is a series of Flash cartoons produced by James Farr. Farr has said that his reason for using Flash as his medium was its economy.

Recently, James Farr has released a book displaying the events of the first saga the series, entitled Xombie: Dead On Arrival. There is also a six issue comic book series (produced by Devil's Due) called Xombie: Reanimated, the first issue being released April 2007. It will be the second part of the intended Xombie trilogy. In a recent interview, Farr even mentioned a possibility of a live-action film.

Plot Summary

Xombie tells the story of a little girl named Zoe, who washes ashore several decades after a zombie plague has wiped out most life on Earth and replaced it with bloodthirsty reanimated versions of the planet's previous inhabitants. She is saved from a swarm of zombies by Dirge, a "variant", a zombie who has retained their conscious mind and the ability to think like a human. (According to the official website, the variants are called "xombies", but the term has yet to be used in the series itself, likely because it is pronounced the same way as "zombie".) Dirge takes it upon himself to perform one last good deed before his zombie body withers away and begins a journey to reunite Zoe with the few remaining live humans and save her from a gruesome death at the hands of the undead.


There are some comic-like strips on the official Xombie website, which tell what happened in the events before the animation chapter "The Dead Sea". These are called "Xombie: Breathless":

  • Page 1 Eyes on the Water
  • Page 2 Enough Surprises
  • Page 3 No Worries
  • Page 4 The Shot
  • Page 5 A Cold One

The first chapter is hosted exclusively on the official Xombie website, while the rest are hosted on Newgrounds. These animations make up the bulk of the Xombie series:

  • Chapter 1 The Dead Sea
  • Chapter 2 Cadillacs and Cadavers
  • Chapter 3 Grinding Organs
  • Chapter 4 Relics and Reptiles
  • Chapter 5 The Exhibit, Reel 1
  • Chapter 5 The Exhibit, Reel 2
  • Chapter 6 The Hands of God
  • Chapter 7 Thunder and Lightning
  • Chapter 8 Death under Wraps
  • Chapter 9 Falling Forever
  • Chapter 10 Hallowed Grounds


Xombie: Breathless

The Earth has been over-run by a plague, which turns all forms of life into the undead when they die, roaming and searching for the living to feast upon (in typical Romero Zombie fashion). The remnants of the living take shelter in various shelters (it is unknown how many of these shelters exist), hoping to survive. Chronologically, the "strips" take place before the actual animated series.

The date is November 17th, 2042, and the time is 9:42 PM. A helicopter is flying above a mass of water, when one of its occupants, a young child named Zoe, is clinging onto a rope ladder. Squid tentacles arise from the sea and try to grasp the helicopter. The Helicopter breaks free, but Zoe loses her grip and falls into the water below. An undead sea creature tries to devour her, but fails, and Zoe sinks more into the water, with her teddy bear. In the helicopter now are only three people; a woman named Zora, Zoe's mother, a military man (named Soren), and a pilot. The military man refers to the woman as "Dr. Elgin", and orders the pilot, "Daschle Branch", to turn the vehicle around. They search the waters from above for around half an hour, but find no sign of Zoe. Feeling the search is in vain, the "Lieutenant" orders branch to return to "Acropolis" (a Human survivor shelter). Whilst on their course, Lieutenant and Branch talk, stating that "the reef is officially cold" and they reveal that they have been on some sort of rescue mission, and Zora and Zoe were the only survivors.

Then, at 10:29 PM, something (now known to be the malevolent Variant Gallows) shoots at the helicopter - the single shot that is fired lands in Branch's chest - 3 minutes later, he becomes an undead, but is quickly killed by Lieutenant, only to have Zora point out the fact that the chopper is now without a pilot.

Xombie: Dead On Arrival

"Dead On Arrival" observes the struggle of Zoe, after falling from the helicopter in "Breathless", and her friendship with Dirge and Cerberus, both of which are undead. Dirge is a "variant" (he retains his intelligence and does not feast on living beings), Cerberus is merely a well-trained dog from his past life as a police dog. Every paragraph below here is for each different episode.

Zoe wakes up, washed ashore onto a beach. Dazed and confused, she walks away from the beach, and sees a huge city in the distance (Destiny City), and the road leading up to it riddled with wrecked cars. She hears music, and proceeds towards its source, which turns out to be a nearby graveyard. She stands at the entrance, and shortly afterwards, people are shown coming forward in the distance, and hands sprouting from the ground. To her horror, they are revealed to be reanimated corpses and are coming closer to her. However, a man jumps over the tombstone behind her and he fights off the zombies, with nothing more than a shovel. He turns to her, but overwhelmed with what's going on, Zoe faints. The man, who is actually an undead himself, mutters "perfect" to himself at the sight of the child. Enter Dirge, a "variant".

During the time she is unconscious, Zoe has a flashback of herself and her teddy bear sinking in water. She awakens, to find herself in a crypt and the man that saved her life is sat near her, reading "Theoretical Neuroscience" and "Do Dead Men Dream?". Dirge reveals that he preserves himself, and his dog, in embalming fluid as to not decay. Zoe is still nervous of her mystery savior, but he assures her that he won't eat her, stating that if he were going to, he'd have done it already. Zoe tells Dirge her name, but once asked where she came from, she replies that she doesn't know - Dirge himself also has the same problem - all Dirge remembers is rising from a grave. In fact, he wishes to help her find other living humans, and they leave the crypt and proceed to the local scrapyard, where they "borrow" a Cadillac hearse and travel through the ravaged Destiny City, but eventually end up driving over a cliff due to a mass of zombies, and land on the entrance of a circus.

Zoe has another flashback - sinking in water, watching her teddy above her. Awakening, Dirge tries to restart the car, but to no avail. Zoe asks "Why do zombies eat people anyway?" and to this, Dirge claims that some believe they are nature's way of "starting over from scratch". They decide to get out and look around with stealth, but Cerberus, Dirge's dog, accidentally triggers off an amusement machine, which shouts loudly through the circus, awakening the undead within and even a huge zombie that manages to overwhelm Dirge. Zoe uses Dirge's shovel to cut the wire supporting an 'air ride' cart, which then drops on to the huge zombies head, killing it. From a distance, the silhouette of a woman, holding a Scythe, and a Velociraptor dinosaur watch them move out of the circus on foot.

On a cliff, Zoe and Cerberus relax whilst Dirge injects himself with a fluid, from 'Destiny Medical', and he tells Zoe that zombies don't feel any physical pain at all. Zoe believes that this is a positive trait and complains that she has a headache. Dirge then makes it clear to Zoe that by her feeling pain she is reminded that she is alive, and thus it should be welcomed. They proceed to Destiny City on foot, and a futuristic flying device is observing them. Dirge, Zoe and Cerberus come across a museum and enter, much to the dismay of Zoe. Inside, they encounter the Velociraptor, Chimaera, from before and Dirge fights it off, and impales her on an exhibit skeleton. A woman enters the room and apologizes for dinosaurs' behavior, welcomes them, and congratulates them on being the first 'people' to enter the building in over 20 years.

She introduces herself as Nephthys, an ancient Egyptian who is, like Dirge, an undead variant. They enter a different room, to escape the dinosaur which is now trying to free itself. Zoe has another flashback, but now remembers being in a boat on a large mass of water with a helicopter overhead, and a burning building in the distance, Ward's Reef Prison (this is shown on a map that is provided in the FAQ by the series creator). A rope ladder is thrown down form the helicopter and a women aboard shouts something. Before Zoe can grab the ladder, tentacles sprout from the water below. Dirge and Nephthys discuss their "variant" status, but says that she doesn't know much more than he does. Meanwhile, the flying probe that was following them previously has arrived and enters the main hall of the museum, spying on them.

Nephthys walks over to a computer, and opens its files whilst telling Dirge that the undead are caused by the Necrosis germ, and activates itself 1-5 minutes after the body dies, re-animating the subject to 'life', but with no memory or intelligence - Dirge and Nephthys are a one-in-a-billion chance, because the Necrosis that has taken over their body did so too quickly. Dirge looks upon this as a curse, but Nephthys takes this as a second chance at life. Nephthys inquires about Zoe, and Dirge tells her that he's taking her to the nearest shelter, but she reveals that the shelter has better defense than he thought and there's no chance of him living with her. Nephthys warns him that there are other worse things to worry about than the undead. They proceed, without Nephthys, into the main hall when three large robotic entities smash the window-dome above them, and drop down in front of them. Before any of them have time to react, the three 'cyborgs' (referred to as "The Hands of God" and "Xar-Ggothua") have weapon-targeting lasers pointed at their heads.

The Xar-Ggothua recognize Dirge as a variant, and analyze him, discovering that he preserves himself with embalming fluids. They state their Hands of God title to them, and say they are here for matters of 'weapons disposal'. Dirge yells that they are unarmed, to which they reply "you are the weapon". One of the Xar-Ggothua hints that Dirge may have met them before. Their apparent leader is about to reveal Dirge's real name, but is interrupted by the dinosaur, now fully released, and they use this chance to escape the building. Outside, Nephthys has prepared a Cadillac Hearse for their getaway. They jump in, and they drive onto a highway but the Xar-Ggothua actually have a flying aircraft and are in hot pursuit. No way to out-run them, Dirge exits through the coffin-door of the car and jumps up to the craft (nick-named "Vulture").

Dirge lands on the Vulture, bouncing off the front windshield and grabbing hold of a fin. He climbs back onto the windshield just as they enter a tunnel. Dirge starts to beat on the Vulture using his shovel. The Xar-Ggothua activate one of the ships turrets and fires on Dirge, who quickly smacks it away. He then grabs a second turret with his chains and points it down at the cockpit. When the Xar-Ggothua activate the second turret, they end up shooting themselves. Dirge them jumps from the Vulture back into the Hearse and commands Nephthys to speed up. They are able to make it out of the tunnel just as the Vulture blows up behind them. The scene then changes to another of Zoe's flashbacks. She is now hanging from a rope ladder from the helicopter. A giant squid creature is attempting to pull the copter down, as well as Zoe. The copter is able to break free, ripping out the squid's tentacles. Zoe, however, loses her grip and falls into the water. As she sinks, a group of undead sharks gather around her. One shark tries to eat her, but is missing its lower half, letting Zoe pass right through. An undead humpback whale then appears, letting Zoe grab one of the spears stuck in its body. The whale then takes Zoe to the beach where she first woke up. Zoe wakes up back inside the Hearse. She walks outside to see a large city, the Acropolis. Seeing a helicopter parked within the city, Zoe says "Mom...." in a low voice. Nephthys explains how the city's defense turrets are programed to kill a zombie, but not a human, by analyzing body temperature, or lack thereof. Knowing that this is probably the last they will see of each other, Zoe gives Cerberus a hug goodbye and proceeds with Dirge to the city gates. The Xar-Ggothua then appear coming out of the tunnel.

As Zoe and Dirge make their way toward the gates of the Acropolis, something squeaks and talks. It turns out to be Zoe's teddy bear, which Cerberus had found on the beach where Zoe first woke up. Zoe asks Dirge if he could stay with her, but he refuses, saying that only the living are allowed there, which he isn't anymore. Zoe promises to make the people there see that he is more than just a Xombie. Meanwhile, Nephthys meets the Xar-Ggothuas face-to-face. The Xar-Ggothuas identify her as a Variant 1 of 6, and proceed to fight her. After a short battle, two out of the three Xar-Ggothua are dead. The last one's armor breaks and reveals its face underneath. Seeing this, Nephthys freezes long enough for a saw blade that the Xar-Ggothua launched earlier to cut her in half. Dirge notices that there is a problem and tries to get Zoe to go to the city. Zoe hesitates, still wanting Dirge to stay with her. Dirge tries to explain, but is suddenly impaled by a barrage of tentacles, possibly from the lone Xar-Ggothua.

Dirge fights with the last Xar-Ggothua, as Zoe flees through the bio walls to the city. The Xar-Ggothua pierces Dirge's chest, then grabs Zoe. However, she pulls a cord on her bear, and it remarks "State your password". She whispers, "Wake up Wolfgang," and throws it at the Xar-Ggothua, where it speaks again and says "good morning" before it explodes. She falls off the bridge from the force of the explosion, but Dirge swings in on his chains and picks her up to drop her at the front gates. The Xar-Ggothua stands back up, his left arm and shoulder now missing, and Dirge rushes through the bio wall, activating the guns, which fire at him. He reaches the Xar-Ggothua with the bullets trailing in hot-pursuit.

Dirge runs and slides under the Xar-Ggothua. The hailstorm of bullets rapidly hit him, blasting off his arms, torso, and finally head. As Dirge re-adjusts his jaw, Zoe waves out to him, signaling she's okay. He tries to wave back, but finds out his left arm is blasted off. The bridge starts cracking, breaking in half with Dirge falling down with it. As Zoe stands in shock, the Acropolis gates open, with silhouettes of people running out, one grabbing her and pulling her in. She wakes up in a hospital bed when her mother comes and grabs her arm, weeping. A valley is shown filled with body parts including Dirge's left arm and the pieces of his shovel. As buildings are shown in Destiny City, Dirge and Nephthys have a conversation about what's to come. Dirge is shown on top of a building with his new Xar arm and double-headed shovel as the sun begins to rise, and he vows to protect Zoe from whatever terrible creatures threaten her. Nephthys, Cerberus, and Chimaera stand next to him. Then on a nearby building, Gallows is shown closing his lighter. The credits roll.

After the credits, we see Zoe as an adult on top of a hill. She looks out as a gentle breeze rustles the ground, and we see that she now has a faded scar where her eye patch and cut used to be.

Xombie: Reanimated

Reanimated tells the story ten years after Dead On Arrival which observes the struggles of the inhabitants of Acropolis as their zombie defenses shut down. Each paragraph is a different comic book.

In the South Wastelands, 2052 A.D, a team known as the Blue Unit sapper crew is securing a power core to be transported to the Acropolis via Mag Rail. Private Greens informs Corporal Argento that a zombie is 0.6 kilometers away. When it is 0.4 kilometers away, the crew prepares their weapons only to find that is a zombie raven known as Sticks. With their guard down, all ten members of the crew are gunned down by Gallows, a new Variant from Western times. Back at the Acropolis, Professor P. Tallman is teaching class about zombies with Zoe, now 16, part of it. After the lesson, Zoe is called to the Synedrium Council Chamber by her communicator band. There, Zoe is met by her mom Zora, the leader of the Acropolis Soren Barrack, and scientist Camden Marrow. She is informed of what happened to the sapper crew. She is told that without the core, the settlement's generators shut down the lights, locks, and ionic scent jammers which will cause any zombie in the radius to come running to them. They feel that they need Zoe's zombie friend Dirge to help them seeing that a living soldier couldn't touch Gallows and they apologize for not believing in Dirge when Zoe told them about him when she was 6. Zoe, Soren, and some soldiers set out to a hospital by helicopter. Soren tells her that they have been keeping records on zombie migration and the one in the hospital stays in there all the time. When Zoe finds out that Mozart is playing there a lot, Zoe goes running inside with Soren in pursuit. While running through the halls, she bumps into a zombie patient. Dirge grabs him by the throat. After a brief reunion, he tells her that he knew what happened to the crew, revealing that he has been monitoring them. While picking a zombie for new teeth, Dirge gets shot in the head by Soren. He throws a fit when he finds out he killed their only hope, but Dirge headbutts him back and tells them he installed a metal plate in his head. When they walk out, Dirge says he'll help, but only if Zoe goes back to the Acropolis. They are met by Nephthys who will escort the soldiers back so she can help protect it while Dirge gets the power core. As the helicopter flies off, Nephthys tell them Zoe's escaped.

Dirge heads back to the hospital to inject himself with embalming fluid. Zoe shows up and Dirge throws a fit and wants her to go. Zoe feels that her home is more like a prison, and that she is going to tag along with him because she knows he's happy to see her. Dirge reluctantly agrees and they head down to the parking lot. Cereberus shows up and they all get into Dirge's remodeled Hearse. They drive straight through a group of three zombies. Back at the Acropolis, Zora and some settlers meet up with Soren and are shocked when they meet Nephthys. She asks her where Zoe is and she says she is safer than they are. She then opens up the cargo crate on the helicopter and Chimaera jumps out. She won't attack them because the ionic scent jammers block their scent. Nephthys say that Chimaera will protect them because she guards her meals. Zora contacts Zoe on her communicator band and after a short conversation, Zoe turns it off. Dirge feels it was a mistake to bring her, but Zoe says most zombies are so decayed, they couldn't catch up with them. Dirge reminds her that there are "things way worse than zombies" and Zoe says she's almost convinced herself she imagined them. Dirge says that she didn't and she better hope that they don't bump into one. Zoe says they won't bump into anything just before they crash into a fallen tree trunk. Zora, Soren, and Nephthys head to the generator when Father Ammon shows up and shows his extreme displeasure with them bringing a zombie, but they pay no mind to him. When the generator timer hits 04:00:00, the lights shut off. Back in the Hearse, Dirge gives into his zombie instincts because the crash damaged the vest masking Zoe's scent.

When Dirge get close to eat her, he tells Zoe to hand him the can. He sprays his nose and gets his senses back. He tells her that every zombie for the next five miles got a whiff of her. She wonders why Cerberus didn't attack her and Dirge says because he only attacks on command. Dirge tries to move the branch, but to no avail. On a nearby sign, a zombie parrot lands and starts speaking phrases it probably heard when the zombies invaded. Dirge cleans off the sign and it says "Destiny Park Zoo". He tells Zoe to get in the Hearse. A swarm of monkeys, gorillas, and other apes charge at them. Dirge shouts a phrase in German and Cerberus starts attacking. A gorilla grabs Zoe by the arm, but Dirge slices of its arm. Zoe climbs over the tree to escape the monkeys. As Dirge bashes and chops off heads, Zoe shouts as a zombie rhino crashes through the trunk and impales a monkey. Dirge smashes the parrot to shut it up and they get into the Hearse. They drive off while all the animals on their trail. Nephthys informs them that the lights, water and heat have shut down and there are less than two hours before security shuts down as well. Sticks is on a nearby branch when the Hearse drives pass him. He flies to where Gallows is hiding. After informing him that Dirge is coming, he feeds him an eyeball. Gallows pulls out his spyglass to see where they are, then readies his rifle. Back at the Acropolis, the group walk in on Father Ammon's sermon, warning the citizens not to trust Nephthys because she is one of the zombies. She tells them that she is there to save them. During a brief speech to the people, one man pulls out his gun, but Nephthys slices it with her scythe. The group leaves while Nepthys tells the people that they shouldn't be a slave to instinct. The group meet with Camden Marrow and it is revealed he was an ex-military pilot. She tells her that her plan is to let the zombies come in. Zoe and Dirge find the Mag Rail train at the old Black Spire South building. They leave Cerberus to defend the Hearse while they use Dirge's chain to zip line down. They try to start the train, but can't. They call Nephthys who tells them they need to insert a key card. They can't find it and she tells them there is no other way to activate it. Now they are stuck in the train, surrounded by zombies on the outside.

They deduct that Gallows must have taken the key card when he stole the train. They have to run through the zombies to get to the safe Black Spire South building. The monkeys steal Zoe's communicator. The door is locked by eye scan, but opens when it scans Dirge's eye and grants his access. They get inside when the doors close, and chops of some of the zombie's parts. Inside are the zombies of the deceased Blue Unit sapper crew. At the Acropolis, the timer hits two hours and the security grid, including bio scans, motion sensors, defensive turrets, and magnetic door locks, is shut down. The ionic shields are still on until the clock hits zero. Nephthys tells Zora that she and Chimaera will form the first line of defense, Camden second, and Soren and his troops last. She tells her that she trust her to keep the people inside and safe. Zora asks her who was she and why she is so determined to help them. She tells her she doesn't know who she was but that she sees her new life as a chance for her to change things. Dirge is shown as having a chance to change himself and Gallows a chance to destroy because he wants the world to be as dark and empty as he feels. Dirge faces down the Blue Unit. After relieving one of them of their cookers, he takes down the rest with ease. Zoe explains that it fires gas propelled shock rounds that fry the central nervous system after a two second delay. He spots Sticks with the key card in his mouth. He gives chase, but Sticks flies away. They run up the stairs to catch up. Zoe stays behind to catch a quick breath, but Gallows puts a gun to the back of her head. Dirge looks back to find Zoe gone, but follows Sticks into a room. Several tubes are inside, some broken open. On the wall written in blood is "Zoe". He finds a computer and activates a holographic replay. A doctor, Zoe's dad, is taking to an unknown person on his computer. (a closeup is shown of Dr. Elgin's ID tag, showing his name as "Dr. G. E.") He states that Nekrosis is not a virus, but more of a parasite that isn't strong enough to control an active neurosystem. He says they aren't acting on their own, but are part of a hive mind interconnected and driven by a common goal. They are part of a phylum known as Xenopoda, meaning "alien(stranger) foot", a form of sentient pathogen. He states that Black Spire kept ones they caught in metabolic stasis, stating that their genome was uncrackable, but he says it isn't. He says he found the vaccination with his first test subject coming back to life under five minutes. He hasn't told anyone besides the man because he isn't supposed to be there and the Xenopodas aren't supposed to exist. The man says that that is a fact before Gallows shoots the computer, saying it goes downhill from there. Dirge tells him to give him the card, but he refuses. He states his goal is to eliminate every last breathing thing on the planet. Dirge asks why, saying it's good that there is a cure. Gallows says that if the humans find out there's a cure, they will use it to get rid of Dirge and him. Dirge says that the humans were here first, but Gallows doesn't care. Dirge says it's the humans' world, Zoe's world. Zoe reaches for the cooker, but Gallows shoots her in the side. Dirge gets on his knees in shock as Gallows puts his gun to his head.

At the Acropolis, civilians are being escorted to a safer area. Back at Black Spire, Zoe rises back up. Both Dirge and Gallows assume she's a zombie. Dirge is about to attack Gallows when he puts his gun up to his head. The timer hits zero, shutting down the ionic scent jammers, as Gallows's gun fires. Dirge gets shot in the head, but Gallows gets his hand sliced off. Dirge then hits Gallows several times in anger even though Gallows shoots him twice in the chest with his rifle. He hits Dirge with the butt off his gun and then says he's going to eat Zoe. But Zoe surprises him by shooting him out the window with the cooker. She falls to the ground in pain and said she faked being dead. As they walk out the room, the tubes start draining and a sign saying Xenopoda Canini:Bloodhound is visible on them. Zoe reveals she has the key card and gives it to Dirge. The tubes break open and three Xth-Nthoggs come out. They run for the exit, but the zombie animals have almost broken through. The soldiers start lining up at the Acropolis. The zombie animals enter the room, but run away as they can now smell the humans. They run after them, but then Dirge stops as he is writhing in pain, saying that the Xth-Nthoggs are talking to the Nekrosis parasite. The Nthoggs catch up to them and one jumps on top of Zoe. She pushes it away with her bloody hand and it burns a hole through its head, killing it. The other two run back into the building as Dirge comes to. Zoe faints and Dirge carries her. He sees thousands of zombies on the ground benath the Mag Rail. Cereberus is in the Mag Rail with Zoe's communicator wristband, receiving a message from Nephthys saying that shields are down. He answers it saying that Zoe's hurt and needs a doctor and that he's on his way. He activates the Mag Rail and drives toward the Acropolis as Nephthys prepares to face the zombies. Nephthys and Chimaera begin killing the zombies, but they begin to break through the wall. Camden asks if he should start attacking, but she tells him to wait. As the Mag Rail speeds ahead, Dirge finds out that Sticks is on board. Zoe says "duck", but Dirge thinks she's hallucinating. Then Gallows comes out of the back and shoots the window. He grabs Dirge's head and threatens to throw him in front of the train. Camden begins his attack by dropping barrels of fuel from his helicopter, causing large explosions. Flaming zombie seagulls break through the window of the helicopter causing Camden to mess up the controls and sends the helicopter crashing on the railing of the Mag Rail. Dirge stabs Gallows's only eye out with his spiked collar, ties his chain around his neck and to a lever, and punches him out the window. Cerberus eats Sticks as Nephthys calls Dirge, She says the track is gone and if doesn't stop; Zoe will die, but Dirge says if he does; everyone will. Father Ammon gives a sermon to the citizens as the soldiers attack the zombies, but a zombie jumps on Soren. Zora wants to help him, but Father Ammon says not to as this world deserves to end. Zora punches him and helps Soren up after he shoots the zombie in the head. Dirge uses his shovel to zip down the line to the Hearse while carrying Zoe and Cerberus who has the core tied around him, leaving Gallows to hang in front of the train. He cuts the line connecting the train and the Hearse, the train crashing onto the ground and exploding while the Hearse lands safely on the road. The Hearse grinds toward the door to the Acropolis, causing Dirge; Cerberus; and a coffin to fly out the window. The soldiers take the core and install it into the system. The systems come back online and the guns start killing all the zombies. Zoe comes out of the coffin and is reunited with her mother. Zoe gets taken to the infirmary and the citizens accept the Variants as allies except Father Ammon. Sometime later, Zoe is giving a lecture about Variants to the class. Zora goes outside to talk to Dirge. She asks Dirge to stay and help rebuild, but he's not so sure if he should. She asks if Dirge knows who he was, but he says he doesn't and is glad because he's worried he might have been a terrible person. She says all that matters is he is a good one now and leaves. Nephthys says that not all the citizens are as bad as Dirge thinks. He tells her not to try and convince him to stay, but she says he already decided to. He says they need a leader, not a corpse. She says even dead stars offer light enough to brighten a path through the night. Dirge looks at Cerberus and says it's going to be a long night.

The words "To Be Continued" seem to indicate there is more to the story to come.

Note: Dirge's Xar Ggothua arm and dual bladed shovel are both absent from this series, as the writers thought that most people would not know where they came from.


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