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Kept in the Dark

Kept in the Dark is a novel by the 19th century English novelist Anthony Trollope. One of his lesser and later works, it nonetheless has interest. It was published in eight monthly instalments in 1882, and also in book form in the same year.

Plot introduction

The plot is a simple one - Cecilia Holt ends her engagement to Sir Francis Geraldine because of his indifference to her; she goes abroad and meets Mr George Western, who has been jilted by a beautiful girl. They marry but she does not tell him she has been previously engaged, although he has told her his story. When Western is informed of the previous engagement by Sir Francis, Western leaves his wife and goes abroad; she returns to Exeter to live with her mother. Her sister-in-law in the end effects a reconciliation. There is a comic sub-plot, as so often with Trollope, involving one of Cecilia's friends who attempts to marry Sir Francis. The novel is principally about duty and truth in marriage, and the relationship of a couple to society.


On its appearance the novel received middling notices; Trollope died in the year following its publication.

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