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Keet is a bull Orca who was born on February 2, 1993. The word "Keet" means orca in the Tlingit language. His parents are Kalina and Kotar*. He was born in SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas, where he still resides. Keet currently measures about 18 feet and weighs 6,000 pounds.

Grandbaby Shamu

Keet is also known as Grandbaby Shamu because his mother is the first Orca to be born and raised under human care successfully. When he was 1 year and 8 months of age, his mother was moved to SeaWorld Orlando in Florida to support her next pregnancy, Keet's brother Keto in 1995. Katerina*, his aunt, was moved in from SeaWorld Ohio. In 1995, his father Kotar, died. On May 5 1999, Katerina died. Five months later, two females named Kayla and Winnie* were moved in.

Family members/breed

  • Mother: Kalina
  • Father: Kotar*
  • Grandmothers: Katina
  • Grandfathers: Winston*
  • Sisters: Skyla (half) and Takara (half)
  • Brothers: Keto (half) and Tuar (half), Tekoa (half), and Ikaika
  • Nieces: Nalani and Kohana
  • Aunts: Katerina*, Unna, and Nalani
  • Uncles: Taku and Ikaika
  • Nephews: Trua
  • Nieces: Kohana
  • Daughters: Kalia and Halyn*
  • Cousins: Trua
  • Possible Relatives: Betty, Ocean-Sun(L-25), K-7 Lummi, Lolita, Tsunami (L-23)*, K-11 Georgia, Hugo*, Cordy (L14)*, L49*, Skagit (K-13), Spock (K-20), Scoter (K-25), Deadhead (K-27), Cali (K-34), Comet (K-38), Lil Nooka*, Jumbo*, Chappy*, Clovis*, and Ramu IV*
  • Breed: 25% Southern Resident and 75% Icelandic

(Asterisk indicates a deceased relative)

Later in life

In November 1999, he was moved to SeaWorld San Diego in California. There, he met his brother, Keto, and his playmate, Sumar. All three whales were moved to Sea World Ohio in February 2000. On February 15, 2001, Keet was returned to California; Sumar followed three days later, while Keto was relocated to Sea World San Antonio in Texas. Keet's best friends were the bull Ulises and a maturing male named Splash*. On April 24, 2004, Keet was moved to his birth place, meeting Kyuquot, Unna, Kayla, Keto, Tuar, and Tekoa. He is mostly with Kayla and Keto and also doing very well.

Keet today

Keet is a gentle and wonderful performer. On December 21, 2004, he became a father for the first time when Kalia, his daughter was born at Sea World San Diego. On October 9, 2005, his mate Kayla gave birth to his second daughter Halyn, at SeaWorld San Antonio. Keet is the lowest ranking adult orca in the dominance chain at Seaworld Texas. He is very sweet and is often used as a "starter whale" for new trainers along with a younger male named Tuar. On June 15th, 2008 SeaWorld announced Halyn died un-expectantly, in which a necropsy will be performed and test results will be announced soon.


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