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Bag limits

A bag limit is a law imposed on hunters and fishermen restricting the number of animals within a specific species or group of species they may kill and keep. Size limits and hunting seasons sometimes accompany bag limits which place restrictrions on the size of those animals and the time of year during which hunters may legally kill them. Those who routinely violate these laws or other hunting laws are known as poachers.

In most cases, bag limits serve to prevent a species' extinction by over zealous hunters and fishermen.

Bag limits exist in many countries around the world. Poorer countries, however, often don't have the resources to enforce these laws.


Florida bass fishing

In southern Florida, licensed fishermen may keep no more than five largemouth bass per day, per license and only one may be longer than 14 inches. Also, licensed fishermen in any part of Florida may keep a maximum of two peacock bass per day, per license and only one may be longer than 17 inches. There are no seasonal restrictions for either of these fish.

The penalty for first time offenders, is a fine of up to $500 and/or a maximum of 60 days imprisonment at the discretion of the court. Repeat offenders receive progressively harsher penalties.

Florida alligator hunting

Alligator hunters with the proper permit may kill and keep two non-hatchling alligators per day, per permit, and each must be longer than 18 inches. Also, all hunters must observe the legal alligator harvesting season which usually starts on September 1 in Florida. The length of the legal season can vary depending on state officials. The 2006 season lasted 11 weeks.

Countries with no bag limits

There are no bag limits in the United Kingdom where some shooting estates offer bags of several hundred artificially reared and released birds per day. This is because, in the UK, game is deemed to belong to the landowner.

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