is a self-defense oriented series of katas in judo. Kime no kata, also known as , was developed at the Kodokan around 1888. The series is composed of 8 techniques from a kneeling posture (idori waza), and 12 techniques from a standing position (tachi waza). Both sets of techniques contain defenses for both armed and empty-handed attacks.

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Kneeling techniques (idori waza)

  1. Ryote-dori
  2. Tsukkake
  3. Suri-age
  4. Yoko-uchi
  5. Ushiro-dori
  6. Tsukkomi
  7. Kiri-komi
  8. Yoko-tsuki

Standing techniques (tachi waza)

  1. Ryote-dori
  2. Sode-tori
  3. Tsukkake
  4. Tsuki-age
  5. Suri-age
  6. Yoko-uchi
  7. Ke-age
  8. Ushiro-dori
  9. Tsuki-komi
  10. Kiri-komi
  11. Nuki-kake
  12. Kiri-oroshi

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