Kane, John

Kane, John

Kane, John, 1860-1934, American primitive painter, b. Scotland. He came to Pittsburgh at the age of 19 and worked for years as a day laborer, painting in his spare time. His paintings exhibit a delight in precise pattern and a sturdy disregard for academic conventions. Examples of his work are Across the Strip (Phillips Memorial Gall., Washington, D.C.) and his striking self-portrait (1929; Mus. of Modern Art, New York City).

See his autobiography (1938).

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Kane or KANE may refer to:



  • Bob Kane, most famous as the creator of Batman
  • Gil Kane, a notable comic book artist
  • Kane (comics), a comic book police series created by Paul GristCharacters
  • Garrison Kane, a comic book character from the Marvel Universe
  • Kaine, a comic book character from Marvel, a clone of Spider-Man
  • Dr. Kane, the sin of "Envy": see Jack (webcomic)
  • Kathy/Kate Kane, Batwoman
  • Bette Kane, or Betty Kane, the DC Comics Pre-Crisis Bat-Girl



  • KANE (AM), a radio station (1240 AM) licensed to New Iberia, Louisiana, United States


Places in the United States

Politics & military

  • Richard Rutledge Kane, Resident Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Protectorate
  • Elisha Kent Kane, a medical officer in the United States Navy during the first half of the 19th century
  • Thomas L. Kane (1822–1883), American Civil War general and founder of Kane, Pennsylvania

Religion and mythology

Science-fiction and fantasy



  • Glen Jacobs, the current World Wrestling Entertainment performer known as Kane
  • Drew Hankinson, a current professional wrestler who performed for World Wrestling Entertainment as the masked 'Impostor Kane', a body double of the current unmasked Kane and now wrestles in the WWE as Festus
  • Lane Huffman, a retired professional wrestler who once used the name Kane, also known as "Stevie Ray"

Video game

Video game characters

  • Lucas Kane, the protagonist of the video game Fahrenheit a.k.a Indigo Prophecy
  • Matthew Kane, the protagonist of the computer game Quake 4
  • Kane (Command & Conquer), a recurring antagonist in (most) of the Command & Conquer video game series
  • Needles Kane, a character in the video game series Twisted Metal originally developed by Singletrac
  • Kane, one of the title characters in the videogame Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

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