Kanchenjunga, Kanchanjanga, or Kinchinjunga, mountain, on the India-Nepal border, E Himalayas; geologically regarded as part of the main axis of the Himalayan range. The third highest mountain in the world, it has five peaks, of which the tallest is 28,169 ft (8,586 m). In 1955 a British expedition under Charles Evans climbed the mountain, but in deference to local religious beliefs the party stopped a few yards short of the summit.

Peak in the Himalayas. The world's third highest mountain, it reaches 28,169 ft (8,586 m). It is located on the border between Nepal and Sikkim state, India, northwest of Darjiling. Rinzin Namgyal, a 19th-century explorer, made the first map of the peak. In 1955 a British expedition led by Charles Evans made the first successful climb.

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