The Kamilaroi or Gamilaraay are an Indigenous Australian people who are from the area between Tamworth and Goondiwindi, and west to Narrabri, Walgett and Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. In the south-west, their country extends to Coonabarabran and the eastern foothills of the Warrumbungle Ranges.


The name Gamilaraay literally means "having not", derived from gamil "not" and -(b)araay "having". (On the language, see: Anna Ash et al., "Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay & Yuwaalayaay Dictionary", IAD Press, Alice Springs, 2003.)

The Kamilaroi Highway is named after them.

Sydney Ferries Limited's vehicular ferry "Kamilaroi" (1901 - 1933) was also named after them.

A variety of Durum wheat widely grown in their territory today is named after the Kamilaroi.

The Northern Kamilaroi people have a strong cultural connection with the Bigambul People and the tribes met regularly for joint ceremonies at Boobera Lagoon near the present day town of Goondiwindi.

The most famous Kamilaroi person in modern times is probably Australian international cricketer Jason Gillespie. The mother of tightrope walker Con Colleano was descended from a Kamilaroi woman from Narrabri.


Kamilaroi mythology includes Baiame, the ancestor or patron god. He was married to Birrahgnooloo, with whom he was the father of Daramulum. (See further: Michael O'Rourke, "Kamilaroi Lands: North-central New South Wales in the early 19th Century", Griffith ACT, 1997.)

Please note that there are various spelling, such as Gomeroi, Gamilaroi, Gumillaroy, Comelroy, all of which the attempts of European people's transliterations. Nowadays, the term "Gomeroi", meaning One of the Rising Sun. The Gomeroi is one of the four largest nations in Australia.

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